Vitality program

Fun, interactive and connecting online vitality program

After the enthusiastic response to our online vitality game and online energizer Into Fresh Air, it is time to offer continuity. Book a vitality program now in which all employees get to work together. In teams (or individually) you will make progress and as you are used to. We make it a game!

D.I.Y vs instructor

The way of playing depends on your wishes. During the vitality program it is possible to play weekly energizers always together, at a fixed time, under the guidance of a professional instructor of UP Events. Given all personal agendas, changing work and time zones, it can also be nice to play the energizer in a D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) form. (Do It Yourself) form.

How does the vitality program work

During the vitality program the participants are treated to one (or more) short online energizers every week, called into fresh air. The energizers always have a different theme, think of vitality themes such as exercise, nutrition, but also circularity, trivia, fun facts or a business theme that is interesting to you.
The Energizer is played via our game app (free to download in the google app & playstore). After logging in, the participants have 15 minutes to run as many metres as possible. For every 50 metres they walk, they receive a question or assignment with which they can score points.

Results: individual vs. teams

Of course, the scores and results of the game can be viewed online and live. That way, after a game, or period, you can see exactly how the participants did. You can choose to let the participants play individually or in teams. In this way, you can make the competition element live within an organisation and also create involvement for a longer period of time.

Choose 1 of 8 different themes

Many companies want to play several energizers every week or month. That is now possible with our vitality program. This is why we have 8 different themes for our online energizer Into Fresh Air.

  • Nutrition
  • Movement
  • Luck
  • Brain
  • Personal development
  • Surroundings
  • Plastic
  • Inspiring people

Equipment needed

  • Smartphone
  • And possibly a laptop with camera and microphone (in case of a joint game).

Keywords: exercise, fun, outdoor, creative thinking, personalisation, digital and live

Price per month

The prices is per month per person.

Duration: 15 minutes per energizer
10 – 10.000 persons
Vitality program with 1 energizer per week €29,95 pp excl. 21% vat.
Vitality program with 2 energizers per week from €39,95 pp excl. 21% vat.

Personalize the vitality program

It is quite possible to personalize your vitality program. As a result, the program can be perfectly integrated into any business objective in the field of vitality. In our various solutions you can easily add business elements to involve your target group in an important theme within your company in a playful way. Want to integrate fun facts, company information or your strategy with a wink? Make it a game!

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Vitality in a new way

Online Vitality Game

Online vitality program

Book a vitality program now in which all employees get to work together. In teams (or individually) you will make progress and as you are used to. We make it a game!

Into Fresh Air Online Energizer
Into Fresh Air Online Energizer

Online energizer into fresh air

The fantastic online energizer Into Fresh Air provides a short break during your online event, online meeting or online company outing.

Team building social responsible

Activity calendar

Book a varied activity calendar quick and easy. Carefully composed with qualitative online fun- and teambuilding games, innovative energizers and social walks and lunches, where the mutual contact with colleagues is central.