Activations at your company event

Activations are fun short and accessible activities that provide entertainment for your guests. Add this to your company event, staff party or family festival. This way, guests always have something fun to do and are activated. There are different activations for winter and summer events.
Choose how long you want the activations to last. Usually, a loose walk-in is chosen for the activities.

Company party packages with activations

Whether you are looking for a summer or winter company party, we have a great package for every occasion. Our company party packages all include the best activations. Each package is complete, so you will never be faced with surprises afterwards.

In the summer you can choose from company festival 1, company festival 2 and company festival package 3. And in winter you can choose from our packages winter wonderland 1, winter wonderland 2 and winter wonderland 3.

Activities as activation

It is also possible to use our team building activities as an activation. Think of, for example, laser tag or archery. You actually want to create a real team building experience. The activities are then open for guests to walk in. Sometimes you have to wait a while when a group is still busy. The playing times are then adjusted in such a way that they never have to wait long.

Make an experience of your event

When you organize an event you want your guests to have a good time. You have put a lot of time into it. By adding the right activities, entertainment that matches the target group and delicious snacks and drinks, you ensure that this will certainly work. But how do you make the right choice? How do you turn your event into a true experience?

With our years of experience we can estimate quite well which activations suit which target group. Feel free to contact us. This can be done via the contact form or via +31(0)204635850.

The best activations

Arcade UP Events

Arcade games

Awesome arcade games at your corporate event. Bring old times back to life and play the best arcade games without limits. How about Pac-man, Metal slug, Flappy bird or Donkey kong.

Bierpul schuiven

Beer mug slide

Battle with your friends or colleagues on this 3 meter long shuffleboard. Who knows best to keep the balance and knows how to slide the mug into the right compartment?

IJspegel vangen Bedrijfsfeest Amsterdam

Catching icicles

A great activation that gives you cold hands.

Skibroek hangen winter olympics

Skipants hanging

A funny winter activation for which you need some willpower.

Spijkerslaan winterfeest Amsterdam

Hit the nail

Who hits the nail in the wood in as few strokes as possible? Take the challenge. It seems easier than it is.

jeu de boules spelen Amsterdam

Jeu de boules

Play the ancient game now on one of our jeu de boules alleys. Enjoy a delicious wine and relax completely.


The add-on for your winter event. Who is the professional curling player of your team?

UP Amsterdam Weesp golf course
UP Amsterdam Weesp golf course

Golf clinic

Add a little exclusivity to your corporate event with our golf clinic. A great opportunity to enjoy the green fairways with colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere.