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  • UP Events is a member of VeBON
    VeBON-members provide extra security because they work according a TÜV certified safety program, are well insured, work with qualified personnel, provide decent quality materials and take care of nature and environment. Choosing a VeBOn member means choosing for an experience where fun and safety go hand in hand.
  • UP Events is a member of Recron

Address Amsterdam West

Tom Schreursweg 8
1067 MC Amsterdam
+31(0)20 4635850

Address Amsterdam Weesp

Basisweg 2
1383 NC Amsterdam Weesp
+31(0)20 2447211

Parking Amsterdam West

A 2-minute walk away is a large free parking lot for over 100 cars.

Directly in front of the venue is a large parking lot. Paid parking Mon-Fri 9am-7pm €1.60 per hour.

Parking Amsterdam Weesp

In front of the venue is a large parking lot where you can park for free.

Parking UP Events Amsterdam

Map UP Amsterdam West

Floorplan UP Events