About UP

UP Events is an accessible company. We want to connect people in an inspiring surrounding where happiness, experiencing and fun are key words.

We are open, pragmatic and maybe a bit different. You will feel at home and visitors want to come back for more.

Take care of each other

We take care of each other and for the customer, we enjoy, are a bit different, do what is right and we want to do this better every day! We are driven by our passion to make your event a success!

Also, check out what UP Events contributes to CSR & Sustainability.


Visiting UP Events is an experience. After one visit you want more. And when you come back you will have a brand new experience.

Our Vision: To create unique event experiences that make you want to come back for more.

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Amsterdam UP West
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UP’s location

Our location fits this look. It is atmospherically decorated, not too chic and fitting into the environment. We use many natural materials and preserve as much greenery as possible. We want to keep the same appearance of sportsmanship, tranquility and fun throughout the entire site. That’s very important to us, so that everyone, from different backgrounds, feels welcome.

About UP partners

We are proud of our partners. Together we are strong. UP Events is:

  • Preferred partner of the society for Event managers and G14
  • Member of the Entrepreneurs association of the Gardens of West
  • Member of trade association Vebon and is TÜV certified
  • Member of the business organization HISWA-RECRON


Why choose UP Events? Because you want that one unique experience that all your guests will remember. A brand new location that’s a bit different and that didn’t exist yet.

Our Mission: Sparkling true joy and connectedness. Delighting larger groups with memorable experiences, by passionately offering A-quality activities in a free-spirited environment, along with a twist of the unexpected.

The most beautiful moments are experienced together

Our crew

Daniel Mulder

Managing Director

Numbers, numbers.

Martijn Lentjes

Managing Director

Handyman or managing director?

Pim ten Broeke

Senior sales manager

Did everything, now sales. Helps you to create the perfect event.

Pim ten broeke UP Events

Take care of eachother

Enjoy life and work

René de Jong

UP Amsterdam manager

Responsible for the UP Amsterdam location.


Elianne Fripiat

Sales manager

Makes sure your event will be a day you will never forget.


Jurian te Hoonte


Barry Bender


Be better, every day

Myrthe Verhoog

Event Producer

Knows how to make every event, big or small, a great success!


Gabi Prépost

Floor- en Eventmanager

Always happy, she will help you with a big smile :D


Dirk Schreuder


Makes sure you always go home happie.


Daan Lefeber


Makes sure your event is arranged top-notch.

Daan Lefeber UP Events

Do the right thing

Be different

Joël Vennik

Activity manager

Makes sure all activities are UP-worthy


Rob Lansbergen

Activities manager

No stress, Rob is always calm. Everything is under control.

Rob Lansbergen UP Events

Danny Ramaker

Facility manager

Facility manager, the name says it all

Stefan Herder

Kitchen manager

The kitchen is always running smoothly.


Cerezo Jonathas

Chef cook

The one and only BBQ king.


Take care of eachother

Melanie Wittke

Back office manager

Is German, takes care of a ‘punktliche’ admin.

Melanie Wittke UP Events

Micain Helenklaken

Head Technical service

Makes the UP venue a bit more beautiful every day.

Zsuzsanna Hugyecz

Facilities employee

The venue is always clean and cared for.

Zsuzsanna Hugyecz UP Events


Office dog

They see me running, they catch me