Visiting UP Events is an experience. After one visit you want more. And when you come back you will have a brand new experience.

Our Vision: To create unique event experiences that make you want to come back for more


Why choose UP Events? Because you want that one unique experience that all your guests will remember. A brand new location that’s a bit different and that didn’t exist yet.

Our Mission: Sparkling true joy and connectedness. Delighting larger groups with memorable experiences, by passionately offering A-quality activities in a free-spirited environment, along with a twist of the unexpected.

About UP

About UP: UP Events is specialised in creating excellent experiences for groups, mostly focussed on teambuilding.

UP Events wants to connect people in an inspiring surrounding where happiness, experiencing and fun are key words.

We are open, pragmatic and maybe a bit different. You will feel at home and visitors want to come back for more.

The location fits into this. It has a relaxed atmosphere, not too posh and it fits the green surroundings. We have used basic, natural materials.

Everybody, with any background will feel at home. That is what UP is all about.

We take care of each other and for the customer, we enjoy, are a bit different, do what is right and we want to do this better every day!

We are driven by our passion to make your event a success!

Also, check out what UP Events contributes to CSR & Sustainability.


UP Events is:

  • Preferred Partner of the Society for Event Managers and G14
  • Member of the Entrepreneurs Association of the Gardens of West
  • Member of trade association Vebon and is TÜV certified
  • Member of the business organization HISWA-RECRON


Our core values, here we stand for, this is who we are:

  • Take care of each other
    (happy employees & happy clients)
Bedrijfsuitje Amsterdam plannen
Managing Director

Martijn Lentjes

Managing Director

Nice to know: Handyman or managing director?

Vergaderruimte Amsterdam
Managing Director

Daniel Mulder

Managing Director

Nice to know: Numbers, numbers.

Nieuwjaarsborrel Amsterdam
Senior Sales Manager

Pim ten Broeke

Senior Sales Manager

Nice to know: Did everything, now sales. Helps you to create the perfect event.

Lasergamen Amsterdam
Sales Manager

René de Jong

Sales Manager

Nice to know: Sales is like a second nature to him. Helps you to create the perfect event.


Myrthe Verhoog


Nice to know: Knows how to make every event, big or small, a great success!

Martin Bedrijfsuitje Amsterdam
Floor Manager

Martin van de Meer

Floor Manager

Nice to know: Knot expert and ensures that your event runs smoothly.

  • Enjoy life & work
    (positive & fun)
  • Be better, every day
    (quality & ambitious)
Bedrijfsuitje Amsterdam administratie
Back Office Manager

Melanie Wittke

Back Office Manager

Nice to know: Is German, takes care of a ‘punktliche’ admin


Sophie Spanjer


Nice to know: Always wants to UPgrade the marketingcampaigns

Rosalie Teamuitje Amsterdam
Floor Manager Catering

Rosalie Kappert

Floor Manager Catering

Nice to know: Ensures that you experience a top event

Martijn Schmidz
Floor Manager

Martijn Schmitz

Floor Manager

Nice to know: Manages more than just the floor!

  • Do the right thing
    (moral compass)
  • Be different!
    (unique & unexpected)

Joeri Hamerling


Nice to know: Always forgets to fill in his availability


Annemieke Sneyers


Nice to know: A true 'spider in the web' as the Dutch would say.

Yuna Outdoor Teambuilding Amsterdam
Dog - Barketing Director


Dog - Barketing Director

Nice to know: Is scared of men in working clothes