Event agency Amsterdam

UP Events is a full service event agency in Amsterdam. Together with us you arrange your Team outing, meeting location, team building activities, company party, company festival and transport. You are looking for a reliable partner with professional employees. You want to be able to switch quickly and immediately know where you stand. Let us introduce ourselves.

We are open, pragmatic, approachable and a little bit contrarian. We always strive for a perfect event for our customers. At UP Events we take care of each other and our customer, we enjoy, are a bit different, do what is right and we want to do this better every day! We are driven by our passion to make your event a success!

Event agency for everyone

UP Events is the event agency par excellence that can create an event for every target group and every budget. For us, the most important thing is that our offer seamlessly matches your wishes. We love openness and will always include a fair price in the quotation. We want to enter into a relationship with you for the longer term. That is why we will do everything to make you happy. Because you will come back to us for your next event.

Our location outside

UP Events has its own location in Amsterdam West. You can come to our event location with groups of 6 up to 5000 people. We will make sure that you feel at home.

Our location is attractively decorated, not too chic and fits in the area. We use many natural materials and retain as much green as possible. We want to maintain the same appearance of sportsmanship, peace and fun throughout the entire site. That is very important to us, so that everyone, with diverse backgrounds, feels welcome.

Breakfast, lunch or dinner

All our activities can be combined with breakfast, lunch or a delicious dinner. At our own location we offer various options for food and beverages. And even if you have your own idea of the dinner, it is possible. There is no wish to big for us. UP Events works together with various hotels, restaurants and beach pavilions throughout the Netherlands. For each budget we work together with the right partner so that your event will be a great success.

In the summer months you could visit the over crowded beach, however we invite you to come and enjoy our own private beach experience, sit back, relax and put your feet in the sand. The ice cold beer is ready and the BBQ is smoking up some delicious dishes for you.

In the winter months, the campfire is lit, seating arranged for you to sit close, stay warm to and relax. The Gluhwein is mulling and the “stamppot” buffet is ready for you. Perfect for a cozy evening at UP Events. 

What others think of our event agency in Amsterdam

Attended two events organised by this company, pretty fun and also has nice surprises.The crew coordinates the activities nicely. And Tamar is a wonderful manager, keeps you engaged.
sourav mitra
sourav mitra
Tamar is the best!
Tobias Domeier
Tobias Domeier
Had a blast. Kudos to Tamar for being an awesome host
Tamar made the day really awesome
Tamar is the best
Nice spot for fun activities with a team. They offer a mix of indoor and outdoor stuff. Staff is friendly. Especially, Tamar was coordial.
Chandrakant Isi
Chandrakant Isi
Tamar was an awesome game host!
Tamar is a super nice guy. Made how company event the best !
Tamar was just amazing and energetic. We really enjoyed every bit of it. Escape room was dope
Francis Deh
Francis Deh
TamarI had brilliant fun, it was engaging and all-round interesting. The activities kept pushing us and the teamwork was fantastic. Tamar was good fun too!, humour, pizaaz, everything!Highly recommend.
Fouad Olaore
Fouad Olaore

Our indoor areas

UP Events, as an event agency, has its own event location with 7 barracks on it. The barracks can be used as a meeting space and for workshops, activities, dinner parties and of course staff parties. Barracks 4, 5 and 6 are suitable for groups of 6 to 75 people. Barrack 7 is suitable for groups from 45 up to 400 people. We also have 3 tents. 2 Large and 1 smaller tent. The large tents are transformed into a beach club in the summer months. In winter, these become 2 winter lodges. BeachclUP 1 and 2 are suitable for groups of 50 to 500 people. The BeachclUPs are located on our own beach. Here you can relax, The gazebo’s are transformed into a beach clubs in the summer months. In winter, these become 2 cosy winter lodges. Beach ‘clUP’ 1 and 2 are suitable for groups of 50 to 500 people. The Beach ‘clUPs’ are located on our own exclusive beach. Here you can relax, and enjoy the best BBQ’s. The smaller tent is a pagoda tent. It is used for activities and .

Our meeting rooms are, besides for , ideal for away days, team building and teambonding activities.

Event agency hotel and transport

Are you looking for a nice hotel, transport to or from a location in the Netherlands or a nice meeting room, event agency UP Events can certainly help you. We know the market well, are honest and always want the best for our customers. We work a lot with nice, beautiful, hotels in Amsterdam and other cities in the Netherlands. The prices are always transparent and are specified in our offers.

Our branch Amsterdam transport ensures a safe transport of your group. If required, we provide a host or hostess who guides the group. UP Events has the best meeting locations in the Netherlands. Whether it is on the beach of Zandvoort or in the center of Amsterdam, we can always offer a nice option.

Al you need from a event agency in Amsterdam

Go to "Amsterdam Hotel"

Amsterdam Hotel

We arrange your hotel, a hotel for every budget

Evenementenbureau Amsterdam
Go to "Meeting Amsterdam: room rental"

Meeting Amsterdam: room rental

  • 15 – 5000

from 30 p.p. Vanafprijs, per person.

Loods 7 workshop ruimte
Go to "Our location"

Our location

A location for every occasion both inside and outside

  • 10

from 19,95 p.p. Vanafprijs, per person.

Locatie UP Events Amsterdam

Amsterdam event agencies

There are many different event agencies that mainly focus on Amsterdam. Each event agency does this in its own way. Choose an event agency that you feel comfortable with. As you have probably already understood, we are an event agency that wants to connect people in an inspiring surrounding where happiness, experiencing and fun are key words. We are always honest and do the right thing for you. Our prices are transparent and are specified in each offer.

We charge a 15% commission on all services we purchase for you. You can always arrange this yourself, if so, of course we do not charge anything. Think, for example, of organizing transport.

Our activities offer

Event agency UP Event can organize all activities at our location, your location or at a third location. We have a suitable group activity and location for every purpose. Whether you are looking for a Staff outing or Family outing. Or a Company outing, Group outing, Department outing or Bachelor party. Check out our wide range of activities. If you don’t find your activity, please let us know. We always know someone who can help you.

The best team building activities

Go to "Chain Reaction"

Chain Reaction

Perform a simple task in a complex manner. That's what makes it so incredibly fun.

  • 1,25 hour
  • from 10

from 29,95 p.p. Vanafprijs, per person.

Chain Reaction teambuidling UP Events Amsterdam
Go to "La Casa de Dinero VR Challenge"

La Casa de Dinero VR Challenge

Unravel challenging puzzles led by El Profesor and rob the Spanish Mint Building!

  • 1,25 hour
  • from 10

from 31,95 p.p. Vanafprijs, per person.

Casa del Dinero VR
Go to "Hackathon Team Building"

Hackathon Team Building

Exclusively available at UP Events. Hack the codes, and win the grand prize!

  • 1,25 hours
  • from 15

from 29,95 p.p. Vanafprijs, per person.

Hackathon Team building UP Events Amsterdam
Go to "Online Team Building Game: Project Arrow"

Online Team Building Game: Project Arrow

Hilarious online team building game "project arrow" that you can play remotely and where collaboration is key.

  • 1,75 hour
  • from 10

from 19,95 p.p. Vanafprijs, per person.

Project Arrow online team building game challenge

Our other websites

In addition, event agency UP Events has many different websites. Each website provides more information about a specific topic or activity. It is difficult to put all the information on this website because you probably will not see the forest through the trees anymore. So if you want to know more about a specific topic, go to:

Company event at UP Events

You can go to UP Events for the most fantastic corporate events. Think of Company parties, Congress festivals and Company festivals. Or how about a Staff party or Family festival? We offer various theme parties such as a Casino company party and a Halloween company party. The theme parties are fully taken care of by us. In the winter months we have theme parties such as the Oktoberfest company party or the Apres ski company party. These theme parties are completely in winter atmosphere. We organize many traditional celebrations around the end of the year. Think of a company Christmas party and a company New Year’s reception.

All corporate events can be fully customized. Our location is suitable for many purposes. We have 8 indoor spaces. For groups of 6 to 500 people. The spaces are fully decorated in theme. There is a private beach. Each room has a coffee and tea bar. Each group will have its own host. Add the best activations.