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Amsterdam Hotel

UP Events is a full service Event Agency that can also book your hotel for you. This can be useful if, for example, you want 1 invoice for both (our) activities, transport and hotel. Of course you can also book the hotel yourself and we include the price in our quote. Remember that we charge our standard costs for this.

Hotel costs

As previously indicated, we like to be transparent. We charge fixed costs for booking your hotel. These costs are called “processing costs” or “handling fee” in our quotation. The handling fee is standard 15% of the hotel costs. We charge, outside this handling fee, no extra costs than that you would pay if you would book directly at the hotel. The costs for hotels in Amsterdam have risen considerably in recent years. You can reasonably assume that, the lower your budget, the more likely the hotel will be on the outskirts of Amsterdam. If your budget is very limited, look for hotels in the villages around Amsterdam. The Netherlands is very small in comparison with Germany or the UK. For instance from Haarlem ( also a city) to Amsterdam by train takes you only 20 minutes. The hotels in Haarlem are a lot less expensive than the ones in Amsterdam. Also they build a lot of hotels around Amsterdam Sloterdijk and Amsterdam Amstel trainstation. From there it takes you just 10 minutes by train to get to the city centre.


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