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Survivor in Amsterdam

Always wanted to participate in a Survivor experience? Well, now you can. On the beach or at our location in Amsterdam we create a real Survivor atmosphere for your company outing or event. From top to toe it will be taken care of including a fire test, the water test, also the balance test will be covered in our own expedition. Teams are competing against each other in teams of 5-8 players.

A few have already been mentioned above, but the following parts will be covered; the slingshot trial, the fire trial, the water trial, the maze trial, and much more! In short, the Survivor outing is a great company outing for everyone!

Survivor Amsterdam is unrivaled and leads to an unforgettable day for your group. In the end, the winning team gets eternal fame and a great prize!

This Activity Includes

  • Professional host
  • 1.25/2.5 hour program
  • High-quality game materials
  • A professional event location with free parking
  • Optional English guidance

Example Program Survivor with ADD UP 2

  • arrival
  • drinking package
  • survivor
  • snackplatter
  • delicious BBQ

Adventure for Everyone

What makes our Survivor outing so much fun? We all know the story of Robinson Crusoe from the book, television, or from movies. You ought to have said: “I would love to be on such an island one day.” Experience this through various games during this company outing. All parts contain elements of competition and battle, and because of this, the participants will be eager to win.

The Survivor outing is the ideal activity for a mixed group: semi-active (for fit and less fit people). The collaboration element also ensures ultimate team building. Raise the competitive drive and team spirit in a healthy and exciting way among your colleagues, teammates, or group of friends.

The UP Events Survivor outing is also the coolest thing you will ever do. The quality of our trials is proven and unparalleled. Try them yourself!

Survivor Outing Program

The program of our Survivor outing consists of 6 rounds, each with a different challenging aspect. Each round lasts approximately 25 minutes. A minimum of 2 teams of 5 to 8 participants will be made, all teams will compete against each other. A maximum of 3 points can be earned per round. The winning team will earn 3 points, the second team will earn 2 points and the third team will earn 1 point. The other teams do not earn points. At the island meeting, which takes place in the middle and end of the Robinson Crusoe outing, teams can steal points from each other to keep the balance in the game. At the end of the program, all points will be added together. The team with the most points wins the Robinson adventure and is awarded a prize.

The Coolest Crusoe to Play Now

Since May 2019 there has been a new Survivor outing at UP Events! The best Robinson Crusoe experience in the Netherlands has been built! In recent years, the coolest challenges have been built on our site. Come and see if your team can withstand the trials and tribulations of our adventure.

Survivor Combinations

You can book the Survivor experience at our location here. Do you want to UPgrade your event with an extra activity such as Lasergame or Archery Tag? Do you also want to have a nice drink and enjoy a delicious BBQ? Please fill in the contact form or call +31(0)204635850.

Survivor Outing Trails Bij UP Events

Maze Trial

In the maze trial of the Robinson Crusoe outing at UP Events, the team must work together by guiding a ball through a maze using ropes and pulleys, the team that reaches the end first wins! Good communication and awareness are needed to be successful.

Slingshot Trial

Each team builds a catapult with bamboo and ropes. Build it as sturdy as possible, because sturdiness ensures accuracy! Then your team has to try and shoot a ball into a net as many times as possible to score the most points with your team!

Agility Trial

Who is agile, fast ánd smart? Remember a code consisting of symbols as best as you whilst you take an agility trial. Swing a rope to the other side and score as many points as possible by throwing a ball in the right hole. Collect all the puzzle blocks and put the code down in the right order. The team that remembered the code best wins! If several teams have a good memory, it’s all about speed so go as fast as possible!

Balance Trial

Which team is the most balanced? Several players from teams meet during our Robinson Crusoe outing in the middle of the balance beam. Each participant has a burlap bag to knock his opponent off the beam. The winner stands to try to beat the next competitor from the opposing team.

Fire Trial

Teams need to grab the right puzzle pieces and place them on the right stair. Arriving at the top of the stairs, a box with a combination lock must be opened by means of puzzling. This box contains all the necessities to make fire. Run down stairs and build a fire as fast as possible. The team that is the first to burn the rope wins!

Water Trial

The goal is to lead the water from the barrel zigzagging to a tube, when this tube is full, a code floats up. You can then use this code to open a chest, which contains a puzzle. The first team to solve this puzzle wins!

Price Survivor

Are you with less than 15 people, book for 15 people.


Imagine yourself on a desert island.

  • 1,25/2,5 hour
  • 15 - 385

32,95/39,5 p.p. Excl. VAT (35,92/43,06 incl. VAT)

ADD UP 2 with Survivor

Survivor, snack platter, 3-hour drinking package and delicious BBQ.

  • 4,25 hour
  • 15 - 385

101,11 p.p. Excl. VAT (113,53 incl. VAT)

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