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City hunt Amsterdam

With this exciting interactive city hunt Amsterdam you take on the other teams in the city center of Amsterdam. Every team has a smartphone or tablet with which the game is played in the city center. Points are indicated on the smartphone or tablet and at these points you can see how many points you can earn with that assignment.

Each team plans their own route through the game field and can earn points by solving riddles and puzzles and by making playful photos (depending on the assignment). The team that collects the most points and sets the fastest time will win this exciting city game.

This GPS game is fully provided including guidance, tablets and prize for the winning team, by UP Events.

On the kick bike or bicycle

You can choose to play the city hunt Amsterdam on foot. A nice addition can be to do this city game with a kick bike or bicycle. The extra costs are not included in the regular price. We charge € 15 excl. VAT per item for this.

UP Events city game

Price city hunt Amsterdam

Location: center of Amsterdam
Duration: 150 minutes
15 – 5000 persons: €25,95 pp excl. 21% VAT

If you are with less than 15 people, you can play this city gps game, but you have to book for 15 people.

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City hunt Amsterdam combinations

You can book our city hunt Amsterdam for – of course – Amsterdam. Then the game is called “Secrets of Amsterdam”. But it is also possible to organize a gps game like this in another city in the Netherlands. In both cases, we organize this awesome team building activity for you and bring everything you need.

Would you like to UPgrade your city hunt amsterdam with an extra activity such as lasergamebubble footballescape room or VR games? This would be perfect at our location in Amsterdam West. And would you like a drink and enjoy a delicious BBQ? No problem. At our venue in Amsterdam, where you can park for free, we offer the most delicous burgers and BBQ’s to complete your day.

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