Winter Games

  • Inside
  • Competitive
  • Active
  • From 15

Winter Games

The Winter Games will be a blast guaranteed! Surround yourself in a wintery atmosphere at your very own après ski party. This activity consists of semi-active games and can be enjoyed by everyone. Young or old, fit or less fit, everyone will have a great time at our very own cool games.

You compete in teams against each other in this wacky event. You score points and become the winter champion. You will become the champion if your team has earned the most points at the end of the games.

These après ski games are a combination of sporty activities, smart play, dexterity, and competition, but everything is good fun and with a comedic twist. Also let’s not forget about the Tiuroler music, surroundings, and the fun factor. The big glasses of beer are of course also included in this activity.

This Program Includes

  • Professional guidance
  • Cozy indoor location
  • 75 minutes program
  • Awesome game materials
  • A prize for the winning team
  • A professional event location with free parking

Example Program Winter Games with ADD UP 2

  • arrival
  • drinking package
  • winter games
  • snackplatter
  • delicious winter BBQ

The Best Winter Games

The teams will compete against each other in various activities. Catch the icicle, beer glass curling, ski pants hanging, and Icicle darts. Experience this cool winter games team building with your colleagues or friends in Amsterdam. It is ideal to combine with our winter wonderland partiesdelicious BBQ, and even a fun game of laser tag.

Winter Games We Play

Ski Pants Hanging

Two or three people will hang on to the ski pants, per 5 seconds you get one point.

Catch the Icicle

Icicles hang on a construction. The icicles will drop one by one, each caught icicle will result in points. The team that catches the most icicles will win this round of the Winter games team building!

Nail that Nail

A game played one-on-one. Hit your nail in a block of wood as quickly as possible! Whoever is the fastest, wins. Who will become the King of Nails in your team?

Icicle Darts

One-hundred-and-eighty! Which of you has the best hand-eye coordination and scores the most points with your team by throwing the icicle on the 3-meter dartboard?

Beer Glass Curling

It resembles the game of ‘Sjoelen'(a traditional Dutch game) a lot. Just replace the discs with big pints of beer and you get the idea.

Price Winter Games

Are you with less than 15 people, book for 15 people.

Winter Games

Super fun winter themed games.

  • 75 minutes
  • from 15

25,95 p.p. Excl. VAT (28,29 incl. VAT)

ADD UP 2 with Winter Games

Winter Games, snack platter, 3-hour drink package and delicious winter BBQ.

  • 4,25 hour
  • from 15

89,05 p.p. Excl. VAT (100,13 incl. VAT)

What others think of us

It’s quite a beautiful location. I played archery tag with my team from the office and we had lots of fun. The food was also really good. I recommend👌🏾👌🏾
Jaden Tega
Jaden Tega
20:20 24 Nov 22
Amazing experience! Amazing people. Visited twice in two days!
Raed Raffii
Raed Raffii
14:19 16 Nov 22
All the People I've met were nice and relaxed. Overall real good experience.
Hades SE
Hades SE
15:56 01 Nov 22
Good equipment and a super nice coach.
Gabriel Bauersachs
Gabriel Bauersachs
15:55 01 Nov 22
Very nice. We played Arrow Tag and it was amazing! I highly recommend it.
15:54 01 Nov 22
Very nice and fun for family and friends
Jure Miloloza
Jure Miloloza
15:53 01 Nov 22
We hebben met een groep vrienden Bubbel-voetbal gedaan.......wat best wel zwaar was om 1 uur te doen. Maar het personeel was zo flexibel om na een half uur lasergamen aan te bieden. Fijn personeel wat zo mee denkt. leuke plek ook. Bedankt.
Marianne Polak
Marianne Polak
15:41 01 Nov 22
Mooie plek voor evenementen.
Linze Rijswijk
Linze Rijswijk
16:49 27 Oct 22
Ik vond het heel leuk daar
18:57 18 Oct 22
Onder begeleiding van Barbara en Sanne de Robinson activiteit mogen doen. Echt een aanrader!
Alicia Hoff
Alicia Hoff
07:21 10 Oct 22