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Event location Amsterdam

The most beautiful event location in Amsterdam, if we do say so ourselves. Our event location is located in the west part of Amsterdam, in the Gardens of West. This event location is ideal for many different events. Whether you are organizing a wedding party, corporate event or product launch, this is the perfect location for every occasion.

The location is surrounded by 30 meter high trees and has more than 200 free parking spaces. You can use our indoor locations from 10 people onwards. The entire site can also be rented for groups of up to 5000 people.


Industrial event location Amsterdam

UP Event is a unique industrial event location in Amsterdam-West. Our indoor locations are called “Loodsen” in Dutch and have a robust appearance. The locations are suitable for both meetings and larger corporate events. All our locations have an indoor and outdoor area. If you book a location your inside and outside areas are private for your group. Have a look at the various options below or make an appointment to come and see the most beautiful industrial location in Amsterdam for yourself. We are always happy to show you around!

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Beach clubs in Amsterdam

In summer months we have the perfect event location in Amsterdam for your summer event, company festival, congress festival, family festival or wedding party. Our event location has 2 beach clubs, with their own beach strip. BeachclUP 1 is 300 m² in size and has a private beach with picnic tables, bean bags and palm trees. BeachclUP 2 is slightly smaller, 168 m², and also has its own outdoor terrace at the beach for your group.

Winter lodge in Amsterdam

In the winter months we transform our beach clubs into winter lodges. Decorated with thousands of lights, good heating and a real winter atmosphere, the spaces are ideal for all types of events. So in the winter our event location in Amsterdam is perfect for events such as an Oktoberfest company party, company Christmas party or a New years reception.

Customized events in Amsterdam

With our experience, knowledge of events and the most beautiful event location in Amsterdam, your event will be a guaranteed success. Of course we take into account your specific objectives and budget. We can tailor any event together with you. Are you going for one of the many themes that we already offer? Or do you have an idea yourself? Let us know. We’d like to think along with you.

Standard packages

We have made various standard packages at our event location in Amsterdam. The packages can give you an idea of ​​the possibilities. Let’s call them a guideline or point of departure. We have created a package for every budget. You can expand the packages with cool activities or activations. This way you can easily put together your own event.

Meetings event location in Amsterdam

Combine your event with a meeting at our event location. WiFi is available everywhere on our site. All indoor locations are equipped with all conveniences and peripherals, that you can expect in a presentation room. Think of microphones, WiFi, extensions, flip charts and beamers. Meetings can be held as plenary sessions, break-out meetings or workshops. Of course, the layout of the seats can also be adapted to your wishes.

Food, drinks & transport

We can provide the tastiest snacks, drinks and dinners for every type of event. Our various BBQs are always a great success in the summer and in the winter our guests often enjoy a delicious stew buffet. Lunches are also well organized and we can set up a great food truck concept for your event. Transport to and from our location can also be arranged, at UP Events you and your guests are well taken care of.

Taste the atmosphere

Here you can see some examples of corporate parties that we have made a success at our event location in Amsterdam. It gives a good idea of ​​what is possible at our location. Whether you organize your event in the summer or the winter.

Inspire summer
festival G14 Knowledge festival for 550 event professionals
30 speakers / workshops, 15 break-out sessions

Summer company party
3 speakers, 400 people plenary and summer party

Facts about UP Events

  • Over 80.000 happy customers per year
  • Over 10 years of memorable outings, workshops and events
  • Enthusiastic staff to make your event a great success!
  • Over 100 activities at one event location in Amsterdam
  • Member of Vebon (safe outdoor activities), Recron and TUV certified
  • Free parking in Amsterdam, in front of the entrance

UP Events event location Amsterdam

  • You will leave happier than you arrived
  • We meet expectations, we prefer to exceed them
  • Value for money
  • We don’t just promise an event location but an experience
  • Every year we offer one new spectacular experience to look forward to
  • Still not happy? we will invite you back

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