Escape Challenge: Morte Frio

Escape Challenge: Morte Frio
  • Inside
  • Collaborate
  • Escape game
  • From 10

Escape Challenge Morte Frio

Escape Challenge Morte Frio Amsterdam is a super exciting escape game. You can play it anywhere in The Netherlands and up to 5.000 players. It’s about a Guerrilla that fights, takes hostages, and murders people. On the edge of the Amazon, they take a hostage into a white van. Unexpectedly, they have a witness. Will they take out the witnesses before being discovered? The teams have one hour.

This thrilling escape game is played in teams of 5 to 8 people. The participant immediately imagines being in the middle of another world. Each team gets its own set-up in a part of the room. The race against the clock has started! The teams can see each other, and tension and competition are increasing! Teams can give each other hints, but also false hints! Which team manages, under high pressure, to open the final box in the middle of the room first and win?

Besides Escape Challenge Morte Frio we have another Escape Challenge called The Monk.

This Escape Game Includes

  • Professional host
  • Cozy indoor location
  • 1.25 hour program
  • Awesome game materials
  • A prize for the winning team
  • A professional event location with free parking
  • Guidance in Dutch/English

Example Program Escape Challenge Morte Frio with ADD UP 2

  • arrival
  • drinking package
  • escape challenge morte frio
  • snackplatter
  • delicious BBQ

Where to Play Morte Frio

Escape Challenge Morte Frio can be played at any location in the Netherlands. At our own location in Amsterdam, in your company building, or even outside in good weather. The escape game can be played from 10 people at our location. In addition, from 15 people at a location of your choice. The game is easy to play with small and larger groups.

Escape Challenge Combinations

Do you want to UPgrade you escape game with an extra activity such as Lasergame or Archery Tag? Do you also want to have a nice drink and enjoy a delicious BBQ? Please fill in the contact form or call +31(0)204635850.

Team Building Trainings

Our Escape Challenges are regularly used during teambuilding training. Feel free to contact us. Our teambuilding activities can, in many cases, be customised. Some aspects that come up in the challenges:


  • Working together
  • Delegating
  • Communicating
  • Creative thinking, out of the box
  • Practical thinking
  • Ad hoc decision making
  • Assertiveness
  • Pro-active vs. wait-and-see

Keywords Escape Challenge Morte Frio

  • Team building
  • Competition and performance under (time) pressure
  • Experiencing success together
  • Leadership styles
  • Personality roles/role patterns
  • Interpersonal dynamics
  • Introvert vs extrovert
  • People-centered or task-centered?
  • Gamification, serious gaming (using game situations for knowledge transfer, experience-based learning)
  • Goal-oriented cooperation (working together towards one final goal)
  • Prize Escape Challenge Morte Frio

Price Escape Challenge Morte Frio

Are you with less than 10 people, book for 10 people.

Escape Challenge Morte Frio

An awesome team building escape game.

  • 1,25 hour
  • from 10

29,95 p.p. Excl. VAT (32,65 incl. VAT)

ADD UP 2 with Escape Challenge Morte Frio

Escape Challenge Morte Frio, snack platter, 3-hour drinking package and delicious BBQ.

  • 4,25 hour
  • from 10

96,35 p.p. Excl. VAT (104,76 incl. VAT)

What others think of us

Alles is super goed geregeld op de locatie. Echt een aanrader voor kinderfeestjes! Dank voor de top service
margot stam
margot stam
14:31 29 Mar 23
irati elcarte
irati elcarte
18:22 28 Mar 23
Leuk middag gehad bij UP events. Goed en gezellig personeel en alles goed georganiseerd. En zeer leuke activiteiten die goed worden begeleid. TOP
Edwin Oosterbaan
Edwin Oosterbaan
16:21 28 Mar 23
Top locatie, vriendelijk personeel, alles tot in de puntjes verzorgd-was en geslaagde feest! Dank UP Events-tot de volgende keer :)
Jennifer Aggus
Jennifer Aggus
11:42 27 Mar 23
Wat een toplocatie en een geweldige VR game (Cops & Robbers). Levensecht en goede begeleiding!
Dennis Slier
Dennis Slier
14:53 26 Mar 23
It was a whole load of fun and Tamar was very helpful too!!!
Joyce Castanha
Joyce Castanha
12:45 26 Mar 23
Ivana Silva
Ivana Silva
12:45 26 Mar 23
Hele leuke plek! Vriendelijk en flexibel personeel. Heerlijk gegeten van de bbq.
Sandy Fenyvesi-Opmeer
Sandy Fenyvesi-Opmeer
17:56 25 Mar 23
Teréz Páncsics
Teréz Páncsics
17:54 25 Mar 23
Super halfuurtje VR Cops vs Robbers gespeeld.Daarna uitzweten onder het genot van een biertje. Leuke locatie!
Julian Schaap
Julian Schaap
16:40 25 Mar 23