up to 70 People

Location rental

Seeking for a fitting rental location in Amsterdam? Our warehouses (or “loodsen”) are designed carefully, making them perfect for each type of usage. In case of loods 4 rental, there are multiple screens available. On which, amongst others, virtual reality games can be played. Fun to combine with a meeting or a BBQ. Besides, renting one of our loodsen can be combined with other activities. A fun break for the team.

Loods 4

Location name: Loods 4
Square meters: 70 m²

In case of Loods 4 rental, there are multiple seating- and standingarrangements possible. Per arrangement the capacity is different.

Theatre: 50 persons
Party: 50 persons
Reception: 30 persons
Stand & Sit combo: 40 persons
Dinner: 20 persons
Board room: 12 persons
U-shape: 10 persons
Cabaret: 20 persons
School: 10 persons
Circle: 20 persons

Capacity at 1.5 meter distance:
Theatre: 11 persons + 1 presenter
School: 6 persons

Standard facilities in Loods 4

  • Virtual Reality Games!
  • VR Race simulator
  • Multiple TV Screens
  • 2 Flipcharts
  • High end music/soundsystem
  • 1 Microphone
  • Clicker/Pointer
  • HDMI connection
  • Meetingbox with pen & paper
  • Restrooms
  • Airco
  • Pellet heater

Missing something for your presentation, workshop or meeting? This is just our standard inventory, whatever your wishes are, we can help you with them. Let us know if you need any adjustments in the set-up.

Meetings and parties in Loods 4

Prices: check out our meeting packages

This meetingroom is perfect to use for teambuilding sessions, meetings, presentations or as part of a company outing or festive day. For example, it is possible to hold a plenary session in one of our “Loodsen”, or try a VR game with your colleagues. After that, you can conclude with a tasty lunch. Once the lunch is done, you can combine your meeting or session with some fun activities, which we host on our own location. When everyone is full in spirit and running empty on fuel, grab a drink and enjoy one of our amazing BBQ options. End the evening with drinks or a party!

It is possible to play virtual reality games in the loods, but there is also plenty to enjoy at the rest of the location. Due to the largity of the terrain, the possibilities are endless and we’re happy to help you make your perfect day come true.

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