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Bamboo challenge

Build a tower, bridge or any other object of bamboo and elastics, it’s all possible during the bamboo challenge! This activity is an ultimate team building activity for young and old. The activity can take place anywhere: on the beach, in the city or in our cozy event area in Amsterdam.

Each team receives an assignment after which the teams start to make the strategies. What are we going to build? Do we first make a drawing or do we start immediately?
It is always nice to see which participant takes which role.

Possible assignments during the bamboo challenge are:
– Build a tower as high as possible (which will remain standing).
– Build a bridge where you can really walk underneath.
– Build a house with a door, windows and a chimney.

The nice thing about the bamboo challenge is that you can also give assignments during the activity that have to do with the company.

Bamboo challenge combinations

You can book the Bamboo Challenge at our location here. Would you prefer a package deal with another activity such as lasergamebubble footballEscape Room or VR games. And do you also want to have a nice drink and enjoy a delicious BBQ. Then fill in the contact form or call +31(0)20-4635850.

Price at our location

Duration: 75 minutes
10 – 5000 persons: €19,95 pp excl. 9% VAT

When you are with less than 10 players you can book for 10 players.

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Price at your location

Duration: 90 minutes
15 – 5000 persons: €28,95 pp excl. 9% VAT

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