Decorate your event

Do you have a theme in mind, or would you like to dress up your event? Than we would love to help you with the decoration of your event. Get the decoration yourself, or let us do the shopping. With your theme in mind, we will ensure that everything looks spot on.

Themed decoration

New years, a wedding, Halloween or Christmas. Do you have a theme in mind? Than we would like to help this come true. Tasteful, caual, chique and enlightening, we will make sure that it fits perfectly with your event.

Choose a winter wonderland theme, or some more subtile decoration. For at the party, a relations-event, or even for at a meeting. Each gathering can be made into a party with the right decoration.


To the decoration of your event is no limitations. The only limitation is your own imagination. Describe to us what your wishes are and we will help you to make these come true. Should your decoration reflect summer, or perhaps winter? Would you like an elegant wedding, or maybe a Halloween theme? Everything is possible.

Space for everyone

The UP terrain is large, which makes it possible for many people to gather here. Even with the new corona rules, the terrain has more than enough space. Groups larger than 50 people can be split up over multiple rental locations, which will make it possible for your day out to still continue. Besides this, it is easy to keep 1,5 meters distance with the available room and there are antibacterial gel pumps present, distributed over the terrain. With this, we help to secure the safety of your event.