Business event services

Complete your corporate event with one of our services such as a first aid post or guarded cloakroom. All additional services we offer are not necessarily necessary but can be a great asset to your event. For some companies, it is standard to add certain services to a corporate event. If you organize an event with more than 100 people, we definitely recommend the guarded cloakroom. If you are with more than 150 people, we also recommend the first aid post. If you have any questions, please contact us. We are happy to help you.

Corona regulations

Due to the current corona regulations, we would love to help you with alternative sollutions and advice. For example, to still be off service to you, we offer the possibility to rent multiple rooms with an event meant for more than 50 people. This way, the event can still continue on nearby located rental locations.

Other offered services, besides the rental of multiple locations, are the antibacterial pumps that have been spread out throughout the terrain and the arrows guiding you over the terrain. By adding these, we help as good as possible to keep the 1,5 meters distance needed. We also make make sure to clean the rental locations thoroughly after each visit. This enables us to offer our services as optimal and safe as possible.

Services for your event



How to immortalize your company event? We make an awesome aftermovie!

event photographer up events

Event photographer

Let our amazing photographer capture the vibe of your festival!

Medische Hulpverlening Evenement Amsterdam

Medical Assistance

Sometimes you want a little more medical assistance during your event. Think of a first aid post or medical service.

Security Event Amsterdam


Choose a security guard at your corporate event in Amsterdam. A neat host or hostess who ensures a pleasant atmosphere at your event.

Cloakroom Corporate Event Amsterdam

Guarded cloakroom

One of those things that your corporate event really needs is a guarded cloakroom. Do your guests hang their own coat or do you want something more?

Transport Amsterdam


The best way to get from one place to the other.

Our services

UP Events offers, amongst others, the following services:

  • Rental locations (inside and outside)
  • Decorating (also based on a theme)
  • Activities on the terrain
  • Activities at location
  • Activities online
  • Events for businesses
  • Birthday- and children’s parties
  • Kids camp during holidays
  • Bar
  • Lunch
  • BBQ
  • Professional workshops
  • Friendly and helpful employees

Would you like to know more about what we have to offer? Please do contact us.