10 - 2000 People

Pub Quiz

The age-old Pub Quiz is still extremely popular. Whether for a company outing, bachelor party or family outing, the Pub Quiz always creates a hilarious atmosphere. After making the teams, the team names and team captains are chosen. Let the battle begin! In several rounds the knowledge of the teams is put to the test. You will compete through several challenging rounds such as: the photo round, knowledge questions round and the audio round.

The different rounds provide a nice change and are suitable for all ages. The Pub Quiz is a competition with music and fun for the whole group. Nice to sing along with the songs, test each other with your knowledge, and of course the competition element for the fanatics.

We can take care of the Pub Quiz at our location in Amsterdam or at another location in the Netherlands.

Pub Quiz example:

Round 1: Photo round (to which famous person belong the eyes that you are seeing in the picture?)
Round 2: General knowledge questions
Round 3: Audio round 1 (Which TV series does the music belong to?)
Round 4: General knowledge questions
Round 5: General knowledge questions
Round 6: General knowledge questions
Round 7: Audio round 2 (Guess the artist and the song)
Round 8: General knowledge questions

Additional options:

Add extra music round
Additional estimates questions

Pub Quiz Combinations

You can book the Pub Quiz at our location here. Do you want to UPgrade your event with an extra activity such as lasergamearchery tagEscape Room or VR games? Do you also want to have a nice drink and enjoy a delicious BBQ? Please fill in the contact form or call +31 (0) 204635850.

Price at our location

Duration: 1,25 hour
Per person € 18,45 excl. 9% VAT.

When you are with less than 10 players you can book for 10 players.

When you are with 25 or more players please fill in the contact form.

Duration: 2,5 hour
10 – 24 persons € 27,45 pp excl. 9% VAT.
25 – 49 persons € 23,45 pp excl. 9% VAT.
50 – 99 persons € 18,45 pp excl. 9% VAT.
100 – 2000 persons € 15,45 pp excl. 9% VAT.

Price extern location

Duration: 2,5 hour
15 – 49 persons € 28,95 pp excl. 21% VAT.
50 – 99 persons € 26,95 pp excl. 21% VAT.
100 – 2000 persons € 24,95 pp excl. 21% VAT.

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