Everywhere vitality is becoming increasingly important. Especially now that a lot of people working behind a computer, this is sometimes forgotten. In a world where everything seems to be going faster and faster, you can run or drop out. We have developed a number of concepts to make people think about vitality and exercise. Because let’s face it, change always starts with awareness.
Besides the fact that it is nice that people who are more vital feel good, it is also important for you as an organization. People who are more vital and therefore happier are also much more productive.

What is Vitality?

Vitality is derived from the Latin word “vita” which means “life”. The term vitality is also translated as “life force”. If you are vital, you are bursting with energy and you have enough energy physically and mentally to live a healthy and happy life.

Focus areas vitality

Employees are constantly faced with changes, both at home and on the work floor. Think of a changing family composition or just getting older, which entails certain physical and psychological changes. That is why we distinguish 5 focus areas within the domain of vitality. Namely environment, exercise, nutrition, brain and personal.

  • environment, refers to the interaction between you and your environment
  • movement, refers to the effect of movement
  • nutrition relates to your body and your lifestyle
  • brain, refers to the mental aspect and behavior
  • personal, relates to the usefulness and necessity and choices you need to make in order to live a more vital life

Focus areas

Vitality theme's company school


Our goal is to bring about awareness and behavioral change among your colleagues and / or students, together with you. This will ensure that they become more vital and are inherently happier. Performance will increase and absenteeism will decrease. That is what everyone wants. A great goal for the entire organization.

Working at home and vitality

What are you currently missing when working from home? Everyone will answer this question slightly differently, but the major common denominator is the informal and physical contact with colleagues or fellow students. We have developed a number of tools to kill two birds with one stone. Our (online) energizers, these can be done remotely as well as at the office or school. The vitality game in which you work on the theme of vitality in a fun way, in teams. And if you really want to make some big steps, go for the vitality program. A month or several months during which the employees work on the theme of vitality on a weekly base.