Online Vitality Game

Online Vitality Game
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Online Vitality Game

The Online Vitality Game is a game in which we take employees out of the daily grind and let them move. After the success of the structure and working method of our previous online games, we are now launching an interactive and online vitality game. This Online Vitality Game is a game where we get employees out of the daily grind and get moving (outside) for a while! This seems like something very simple, but in practice, this is easier said than done nowadays. The game activates the employees and shows them in a very fun way what is involved in a vital lifestyle.

The game is divided into 5 themes that participants get to work with: Environment, Movement, Personal, Nutrition, and Brain. In teams of 4 or 5 people, the participants are given various individual and group exercises.

You can expect multiple-choice and open questions, puzzles, riddles, and photo and video assignments. Each participant can start this game from his own home or other workplaces. The game can be played all over the world simultaneously.
Which team will score the most points and crown itself the winner?

Pay some extra attention to the theme of vitality, especially in times like this, within your organization. Promote the knowledge of your employees and create awareness in the field of a healthy and unhealthy lifestyle in a fun way.

This Program Includes

  • Host
  • Remote vitality challenge
  • Collaborate
  • Go outside
  • Virtual awards ceremony
  • Suitable for small and very large groups

Play In

  • Zoom
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Webex

Free Tryout

Because we understand that online games and online events are still quite new to everyone, we would like to help you. If you often book events for companies or if you want to book for a group larger than 50 people, we will gladly arrange a free try-out for you. We can show you this or any of our other games. Interesting? Please contact Pim.

Example Program Online Vitality Game

  • Participants gather in an online meeting application
  • UP Events provides the explanation after which the game is started
  • Winner will be announced

How Does It Work


  • Laptop with camera and internet for interaction.
  • Smartphone or tablet with our Game App to play the game (free download via App store / Play store)

Two days before the start of the event you will receive an instruction e-mail from us with the participation link for the online meeting. This must be sent to all the participants.

During the game, the participants will gather in the online meeting, ideally via Zoom otherwise via Teams or Webex. After the online kick-off, with the instructor and a game video, teams of 4 or 5 people are formed to compete with each other. The groups are placed in online break-out rooms where they can work together with 25-30 challenging puzzles, riddles, and playful photo/video assignments. Each player has 5 to 6 team assignments in his screen in which he is in charge, together with your teammates you must complete these successfully to score points. In addition, there is a part of the game where participants activate outside questions by walking/running meters. After 75 minutes, all teams return to the main meeting. There we provide a presentation of the created images by all teams and we announce the winner!

The online vitality game can also be played as an online Energizer.

Custom Online Vitality Game

It is possible to personalize the Online Vitality Game for your company. This makes it possible to include your own 5-10 questions and assignments about the company, colleagues, or anything else in the game. Also, we can build in the company logo and other icons in the game that belong to the questions and assignments you have provided.

You can personalize the game with:

  • Multiple-choice and open questions
  • Photo- and video assignments
  • Logos
  • Colors

Do you have any questions or do you want to know if your idea is possible? Contact us quickly and we will be happy to discuss all the options with you.

Price Online Vitality Game

Are you with less than 10 people, book for 10 people.

Online Vitality Game

Enjoy a fun and healthy online event.

  • 1,75 hour
  • 10 - 5000

19,95 p.p. Excl. VAT (24,14 incl. VAT)

Online Vitality Program

You can play multiple games per week/month.

  • min. 3 months.
  • 10 - 5000

19,95 p.m. p.p. Excl. VAT (24,14 p.m. incl. VAT)

What do customers think of our online vitality game

Alles is super goed geregeld op de locatie. Echt een aanrader voor kinderfeestjes! Dank voor de top service
margot stam
margot stam
14:31 29 Mar 23
irati elcarte
irati elcarte
18:22 28 Mar 23
Leuk middag gehad bij UP events. Goed en gezellig personeel en alles goed georganiseerd. En zeer leuke activiteiten die goed worden begeleid. TOP
Edwin Oosterbaan
Edwin Oosterbaan
16:21 28 Mar 23
Top locatie, vriendelijk personeel, alles tot in de puntjes verzorgd-was en geslaagde feest! Dank UP Events-tot de volgende keer :)
Jennifer Aggus
Jennifer Aggus
11:42 27 Mar 23
Wat een toplocatie en een geweldige VR game (Cops & Robbers). Levensecht en goede begeleiding!
Dennis Slier
Dennis Slier
14:53 26 Mar 23
It was a whole load of fun and Tamar was very helpful too!!!
Joyce Castanha
Joyce Castanha
12:45 26 Mar 23
Ivana Silva
Ivana Silva
12:45 26 Mar 23
Hele leuke plek! Vriendelijk en flexibel personeel. Heerlijk gegeten van de bbq.
Sandy Fenyvesi-Opmeer
Sandy Fenyvesi-Opmeer
17:56 25 Mar 23
Teréz Páncsics
Teréz Páncsics
17:54 25 Mar 23
Super halfuurtje VR Cops vs Robbers gespeeld.Daarna uitzweten onder het genot van een biertje. Leuke locatie!
Julian Schaap
Julian Schaap
16:40 25 Mar 23