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Custom game outdoor

A game with a personalized touch, the custom game outdoor. During the custom game outdoor of UP Events we create an interactive game that is put together with your input. This gives the game a personal touch, allowing the participants to compete with each other with even more pleasure and enthusiasm.

The custom game outdoor is an activity where teams of 5-8 people compete with each other. By using a tablet, the teams will answer various questions and assignments, solve riddles and find clues to emerge as the winner. The teams get questions by walking along different GPS points and try to score as many points as possible! The playing field of the game depends on the environment. This can be a city center or a park. The time and number of participants can be adjusted entirely to the wishes of the customer. Large group, small group it doesn’t matter

The questions and assignments in the game are tailor-made. We use game elements to make the participants a real team in a playful way, and they also become familiar with the environment. We integrate the vision, core values, corporate culture, products and more informal aspects of an organization, but we certainly do not forget the fun content. Think of fun facts, fun photo assignments, the possibilities are very diverse. The participants have fun in this way and come to beautiful insights.

Keywords: tailor-made, fun and fun, serious gaming, involvement, company core values, team building!

Price custom game outdoor

Start-up costst: from €250,- excl. VAT
: 150 minutes
15 – 5000 persons: €25,95 pp excl. 21% VAT

It is also possible to combine the custom game indoor with one of our other team building activities such as lasertagsurvivorbubble football, a city GPS game or a great VR experience. Feel free to request a quote.

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Possibilities custom game outdoor

  • Open and multiple choice questions
  • Open questions, where participants can give their vision of an issue
  • Questions where they must enter a photo or video as an answer
  • Questions about a photo or video that appear on the screen
  • After answer clues: For correctly answered questions you will receive information (for example letters, where you have to guess a final word or sentence at the finish)

Collaboration function

During the making of the game we use a collaboration function. With this we can give you access to the back end of the game. With this you can directly create questions and implement them in the game. In this way we shorten the process by not endlessly exchanging e-mails, attaching Word documents, and so on.


If you want, you can follow the results (answers, photos and videos) during the game and easily find them later in an online overview. This is ideal for discussing the game afterwards, providing insight into the scores or viewing the photos.

Example questions

  • Which UP Events colleague we see depicted in his childhood in the photo above?
  • How many nationalities are active at UP Events?
  • Take a photo in which you creatively portray the core values of UP Events

If you answer this question correctly, you will receive a letter before the final word!

  • Form a sentence with 6 words that all start with the U of UP Events.
  • You have reached the end point, try to guess the end word with the letters you have collected when answering the questions correctly!

HINT: Don’t be wrong!

  • You are now on the “Magere Brug” in Amsterdam. Where does this name originate? (multiple choice)

UP Events ensures that the quality of the questions is guaranteed by balancing the custom game outdoor with your own assignments and questions.