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Online team building game Hackathon

Now also available as an online team building game: Hackathon. The game for people who enjoy working together on a problem. The object of the game is to decifer the source code. To achieve that, you need to use all your intelligence, logical thinking and imagination to solve the most fun and challenging puzzles. Whoever does this best and first, wins this challenging online team building game.

Online Hackathon can be played in two different ways: all at the same time online. Or, we can give all participating teams 3 days to play the game.

Hackathon team building

  • Synergy
  • Communication
  • Collective thinking
  • Strategy
  • Time management
  • Project management
  • Delegation
  • Risk management

Welkom bij Hackathon

Online hackathon voorbeeld puzzel

Doel van Hackathon

Hackathon team building UP Events

The online team building game Hackathon is a unique game that you can only play at UP Events in the Netherlands. It is great fun to play and meant for hardcore puzzlers. Yet suitable for everyone and is excellent as an online team building game for a large group.

In total Hackathon takes about 90 minutes. All players are first divided into teams. The team division is done by us or you can inform us in advance.

The puzzles have 3 different difficulty levels:
1) fast & fun
2) for experienced puzzlers
3) impossible to hack

This means that the teams need a good strategy and cooperation, otherwise winning is impossible. The more difficult the puzzle or riddle, the more collaboration and collective thinking you need in your team.

Price Online Hackathon

Play Hackathon from anywhere in the world
: 90 minutes (75 minutes of playing time)
10-5000 persons: €19,95 pp excl. 21% VAT

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Hackathon at UP Events

This game can be played exclusively at UP Events. No other location in the Netherlands offers this unique team building activity. You can play this game together online or you can it at our location in Amsterdam or at a location of your choice. So be sure to check our the live version of Hackathon. And book an active, sportive activity, like Bubble Football as well. Please request a quote from us.