Hackathon team building game

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New and exclusively available at UP Events: HACKATHON

Hackathon team building game: Become a real hacker! In the new team building game from UP Events “Hackathon” codes have to be cracked, riddles solved and the vault opened. An exciting team challenge, in which you compete with each other in different teams. Requirements: intelligence, imagination and a set of nerves of steel…

Welcome to our Hackathon


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Hackathon team building game 

Hackathon is accessible to everyone. The competitive, exciting team building game takes place indoors. It is not complicated or physically demanding and because the game is played in teams everyone can take a role and use their own strenghts.

1. Getting Started

The game starts with dividing the group into different, strong teams. This is followed by an extensive presentation and explanation of the game. The purpose, rules and technology used, will be completely clear to everyone. The teams receive a big book with 30 riddles and assignments and register on the Hackathon platform (app). On this platform every team can enter the answers of the riddles in a scoring system, this way the position is kept up to date realtime. And everyone is Ready to Rumble!

2. Hacking Hive

Then 2 rounds follow: Round 1 and Round 2. The teams go to work to solve as many puzzles and issues as possible. The playing field will be a big Hacking Hive. As the answers are entered into the scoring system, numeric codes are revealed, coded questions must be answered and the teams’ scores are projected live. A nerve-racking, strategic game that requires close collaboration. After Round 1, the final round is played in Round 2 by the best teams from Round 1.

3. The Grande Finale

The only goal in the final of this Hackathon team building game is to crack the vault code. The teams have crack a single riddle: a tangram puzzle. This tangram must be resolved to reveal this safe code. The team that is the first to decipher the code can use it to open the safe and wins! The teams that did not reach the final also compete with each other. They can bet the points they have earned on one of the finalists team.

Hakathon Teambuilding Amsterdam Afbeelding 1
Hakathon Teambuilding Amsterdam Afbeelding 2
Hakathon Teambuilding Amsterdam Afbeelding 3

Teambuilding to the max

The Hackathon game can be played with many teams at the same time and is therefore ideal for large groups (20-5000 people). For companies looking for an active team building activity with a large group of people, this accessible game is therefore perfectly suitable.

There must be very good cooperation so that there is synergy between the team members. Communication plays a major role so that collective thinking is possible. It is wise to set up a strategy in advance and some time management plays a role. Finally, it is smart to appoint a project manager who delegates and assigns a role to each team member.

Combine the Hackathon team building game with another cool teambuilding activity such as lasertagbubble football or add a BBQ and drinks to you experience.