up to 55 People

Complete enjoyment

The Round Tent is centerally located and offers the possibility to sit both inside, as well as outside. With warm weather, it’s easy to open up the sides and let in the fresh air, or to seek out one of the tables in the sun. Is it chilly out? The tent is well heated and water proof.

When activities are combined with one of the meeting locations, it is easy to go from the Round Tent to the right location at our terrain. It’s truely the centre of the terrain. The perfect location to meet up.

The Round Tent

The Round Tent can be used as a (fixed) location break-out room, for your own mini-beach club or even a nice reception area for your guests. You can meet here, eat together, organize a workshop, do activities or sit back and enjoy a drink.

Location name: Round Tent
In case of the Round Tent, there are multiple seating- and standingarrangements possible. Per arrangement the capacity is different.

Theater: 40 people
Stand & sit combo: 55 people
Dinner: 42 people

Standard facilities Round Tent

We always supply the Round Tent with the necessary facilities in consultation with you as a customer. We like to offer our customers the freedom of purpose for this location. To give you an idea here is a small selection of what we could organize for your group:

  • Tables and chairs
  • Soft furnishings such as pillows, carpet, etc.
  • Music / sound system
  • Screen with HDMI connection
  • Microphone

Do you need more facilities for your group? Let us know, we are happy to share ideas together. After all we want to provide you with all your wishes to ensure your are comfortable.  

Ways to use the Round Tent

This space is perfect for gatherings and / or simply enjoying a drink together. You’ll discover the Round Tent immediately when you walk onto the middle square at UP Events. The back of the tent is closed, the front is transparent and can be opened to create a nice atmosphere within the natural surroundings of our unique location. 

This location is very suitable for gatherings, having lunch, as a break-out room, for meetings, for an activity or just some drinks.

Price Round Tent

Prices: check out our meeting packages

The Round Tent is perfect to use for meetings, team building sessions, presentations or as part of a company outing or festive day. For example, it is possible to hold a plenary session in one of our “ Loodsen ”, which you can conclude with a tasty lunch . After the lunch you can combine your meeting or session with fun team building activities which we host on our own location. When everyone is full in spirit and running empty on fuel, grab a drink and enjoy one of our amazing BBQ options . End the evening with drinks or a party !

UP Events tailor made offer

Corona-proof meeten

UP Events is a unique place to gather at. Due to the large amount of space of the terrein, this is one of the rental locations where groups can still meet up safely.

Throughout the UP Events terrain, there are multiple pumps with disinfectant. Besides there are walking routes set out, to help make 1,5 meters distance easier. The Round Tent is centerally located, making it easier to get everywhere.