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Into Fresh Air game

Into Fresh Air is a short and energetic game that can easily be added to your event to increase the energy and engagement of your attendees. Getting a breath of fresh air and being active not only eases concentration and improves productivity. It will also get the event participants back to your event with a restored energy level and a sharper mind. So, get up and let’s get started!

Teams will be formed and go outside together - start walking!

Just by being active and walking a few hundred metres, tasks will be unlocked for each team. Fun and interactive tasks await the teams to be completed on the way.

Which group will return first and earned the most points?

After reconvening at the event, it's time to view the photos and videos taken during the activity. The ranking of the groups will be presented and the  winning team of Into Fresh Air will be announced!


The Into Fresh Air game contains elements of gamification. Gamification is the ideal way to get more out of your event, but what is it?

It is the application of gaming techniques in a non-gaming setting, for instance during an event or a huddle. These gaming elements increase engagement and interest, also through the use of competition.

What can you expect?

  • Energetic break during an event, meeting or conference
  • An interactive way to increase event engagement & restore energy
  • Connecting event participants
  • Interactive & fun team tasks
  • A host to guide the game


No matter the target group, every game can be personalized. Therefore,you can design it in a way for it to align with the objective of the event or even your company’s style. Fun facts, corporate strategy or further company information… you name it!

Example Timeline INTO FRESH AIR Game

  • Warm up and introduction to the game
  • Teams go oustide and fulfill challenges together
  • Come back to watch pictures & videos taken, winner will be announced
  • Receive the pictures and videos of the event

Game theme:

Into Fresh Air Vitality


Into Fresh Air ‘ Vitality’ is all about the importance of vitality and how to improve your vitality. Playing Into Fresh Air is the first step to do so!


The costs consist of fixed start-up costs plus a price per participant.

Price at UP Events

€350.00 to add 3 customised questions & logo/ including instructor

  • 30 minutes (including kick off and wrap up)
  • from 10

13,95 p.p. Excl. VAT (15,21 incl. VAT)

Price on External Locations

€350.00 to add 3 customised questions &; logo/ choose between DIY or include an instructor

  • 30 minutes
  • from 10

13,95/ 24,95 p.p. Excl. VAT (15,21/ 30,19 incl. VAT)

What others think of us

Great fun. Plenty of refreshments before and after the game. Very friendly staff.
Brad C
Brad C
Great experience doing bubble football was a great laugh
Toplocatie voor ons team uitje! Veel dank aan Jero en Joas voor de leuke begeleiding en professionele aanpak. Aanrader.
Marjan Kaddouri
Marjan Kaddouri
Had so much fun during the djembe workshop. Food was also fantastic. Would reccommend it for the team events
Our team had a great time. Perfect levels of difficulty and teamwork. Beautiful outdoor spaces and good food.
Chad Armitstead
Chad Armitstead
Jiban Fiction
Jiban Fiction
amr atia
amr atia
Wat een top bedrijf! Zeker een aanrader als je een bedrijfs feest wilt geven die tot in de puntjes verzorgd word!
Joey Matthijs
Joey Matthijs
Zou up events iedereen aanraden die een bedrijfsfeestje/uitje wil organiseren. Alles goed geregeld, locatie ziet er top uit en leuk personeel!
Marlon Petta
Marlon Petta