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Introduction Game schools

During UP Events' custom-made Introduction Game, we create an interactive experience tailored to your input. This personalizes the game, increasing the participants' enjoyment and enthusiasm.

The Introduction Game is a team-based activity where groups of 5-8 people compete against each other. They tackle various questions, solve riddles, and complete tasks using tablets or smartphones.

We incorporate fixed elements to foster a sense of teamwork among the students while also familiarizing them with the school and/or surroundings. Core values, culture, and informal aspects of the school are integrated, all while ensuring a fun-filled experience. Expect engaging, fun facts and photo assignments – the possibilities are endless.


Flexibility to play anywhere you like:

During this introduction activity, students can guide themselves through the game using their own phones. By scanning QR codes, they activate questions that can be strategically placed throughout the location.

Alternatively, teams can be guided using tablets and GPS points, either within the school premises or in the surrounding area. The timing and number of participants can be customized according to your preferences.

The possibilities

  • Play on your own phone
  • Open-ended and multiple-choice questions
  • Questions that require uploading a photo or video as an answer
  • You will receive additional information for correctly answered questions

Sample Questions

  • Which teacher do we see depicted in their younger years in the photo?
  • Take a photo of at least two team members in the cafeteria.

For each question answered correctly, the team will receive a letter toward the final word!

  • Create a sentence with six words that all start with the letter “i” in “introduction week.”
  • You have reached the endpoint! Now, try to guess the final word using the letters you have collected by answering the questions correctly.

UP Events ensures the quality of the questions by balancing the game with custom tasks and questions.

Example timeline of creating the Introduction Game

  • creating the script
  • provide content
  • creating the game
  • testing and feedback
  • launching the game

A quick and easy process

While creating the game, we utilize a collaboration feature that grants you access to the game’ s back end. This feature enables you to create and implement questions directly.

View the results instantly

Throughout the game, you can track the results in real time and conveniently find them later in an online overview. This feature is perfect for post-game discussions, reviewing scores, and viewing pictures.

Pricing Introduction Game

The costs consist of fixed start-up costs plus a price per participant. Please contact us for more information.

Price per participant

12,50 p.p. Excl. VAT (15,13 incl. VAT)

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