Creative and Indoor Activities

The best creative and indoor activities. Great activities for your company outing, team outing, bachelor outing, and family outing. All activities can be played at our location in Amsterdam. There you can combine the activities with a meeting or company party. Start the day right with a delicious breakfast or late lunch. Or how about a nice drink with a delicious BBQ? Everything is possible for small and large groups.


One of the best creative and indoor activities, we think, is the workshop model your colleague. A fun activity that can take place both outdoors in summer and indoors in winter. Another recommendation is our “chain reaction”. The ultimate team building activity. You are going to make a simple problem very difficult. That’s nice for once.

Our offer has something for everyone. The activities are not very active. Look at the active activities if you want to be more active. At the creative activities we have a number of activities that you can participate in. Think of “creative teamwork”. This can be very important for some groups.

Great Creative and Indoor Activities

Go to "Chain Reaction"

Chain Reaction

Perform a simple task in a complex manner. That's what makes it so incredibly fun.

  • 1,25 hour
  • from 10

from 32,95 p.p. Starting price, per person.

Chain Reaction teambuidling UP Events Amsterdam
Go to "Caricature Drawing"

Caricature Drawing

Make a caricature of your colleagues or friends.

  • 1,5 hour
  • from 15

from 32,95 p.p. Starting price, per person.

Caricature Drawing workshop Amsterdam
Go to "Percussion Workshop"

Percussion Workshop

Tight blows. Dull thumps. Exciting rhythms. Energetic interaction. Good sounding, always danceable. Makes percussion work.

  • 1,5 hour
  • from 15

from 32,95 p.p. Starting price, per person.

Percussion Workshop Amsterdam Company Outing
Go to "Djembé Workshop"

Djembé Workshop

Musical Workshop with a West African instrument.

  • 1,5 hours
  • from 15

from 32,95 p.p. Starting price, per person.

Djembe workshop Amsterdam
Go to "The boomwhackers workshop"

The boomwhackers workshop

Play a composition together during this energetic workshop.

  • 1,5 hour
  • from 15

from 32,95 p.p. Starting price, per person.

Boomwhackers workshop amsterdam
Go to "Clay Head Sculpting Workshop"

Clay Head Sculpting Workshop

Sculpt a clay head from the head of your colleague or friends.

  • 1,5 hour
  • from 15

from 34,95 p.p. Starting price, per person.

Teambuilding Amsterdam Clay Head Sculpting workshop
Go to "Bamboo Challenge"

Bamboo Challenge

Take on the challenge and build the craziest structures.

  • 1 hour
  • from 15

from 27,48 p.p. Starting price, per person.

Bamboe Challenge bamboo challenge
Go to "Ice Sculpting Workshop"

Ice Sculpting Workshop

Create an ice cold artwork and enjoy a delicious mulled wine.

  • 1,5 hour
  • from 20

from 44,95 p.p. Starting price, per person.

ice sculpting workshop winter wonderland event amsterdam
Go to "Online Team Building Hackathon"

Online Team Building Hackathon

Now also available as online team building game! Hack the source codes and beat your colleagues.

  • 1,75 hour
  • from 10

from 19,95 p.p. Starting price, per person.

Online team building game Hackathon
Go to "Online Escape Game: The Pegasus Project"

Online Escape Game: The Pegasus Project

A crazy online escape game. Explore the building, find out what happened to the scientists and reveal the plans of The Pegasus Project in this super cool online escape room.

  • 1,75 hour
  • from 10

from 19,95 p.p. Starting price, per person.

Online escape game The Pegasus Project
Go to "Online Team Building Game: Project Arrow"

Online Team Building Game: Project Arrow

Hilarious online team building game "project arrow" that you can play remotely and where collaboration is key.

  • 1,75 hour
  • from 10

from 19,95 p.p. Starting price, per person.

Project Arrow online team building game challenge
Go to "Online Pub Quiz"

Online Pub Quiz

An awesome online pub quiz hosted by one of our quizmasters, where everyone can join in. Finally doing something fun together again can also be done online.

  • 1,75 hour
  • from 10

from 19,95 p.p. Starting price, per person.

online pubquiz Team Building
Go to "Congress Game"

Congress Game

Gamification at your congress or conference. The perfect bonus to any business event.

  • in consultation
  • from 50

from 7,95 p.p. Starting price, per person.

Congres Game UP Events

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We had a really good time playing Bubble Football with my friends for the 1st time. Tom made sure everything went smoothly for us props to him !
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Mooie locatie, aardige medewerkers
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Up events team was friendly. Venue was great. Our team had a great time.
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Super leuke locatie, veel variatie aan spellen !
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Helemaal top!
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This was great fun, we were doing bubble ball as a party of a bachelor party and had some great laughs and were heavily exhausted after those 20 minutes. Our hosts Tom and Jelle supported us really great and supplied us even with water in order to not have us dry out in those sauna temperatures. Thank you so much, guys 🙂
Response from the owner: Thanks for your great review!
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Really nice place to do activities with your team, they organize everything for you!
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Active Indoor Activities

Do you want some more active activities but don’t want to play sports? Then of course you can. We have a number of activities that require you to stand. In addition, you are of course busy with your hands. This gives you a more active attitude. This is experienced as very pleasant by many people. A good example of a fun active indoor activity is “To the moon and back”. Here you will build a real rocket. When it is ready, it should be launched. So far so good, you might say. The difficulty is in the egg that this rocket must take to the moon. Or rather, the egg must also land on earth in one piece. Now that’s what we call a challenge. Creative and indoor activities are therefore possible for every type of outing.

Another great idea is to customize an indoor game. You can process your own questions and assignments in a game. For example about the company. Or about your colleagues. We can also make a custom GPS game.

Creative Music Workshop

When you organize an outing, you naturally want your colleagues, family, or friends to have a good time. A music workshop is not the first thing on the mind of most people. But we can tell you that a music workshop is definitely recommended. The workshop is structured in such a way that everyone can participate. Even the one who doesn’t have such a good rhythm feeling. The awesome music workshops can be found under creative and indoor activities.

If you like music then book an acoustic band for your company outing. Relax with a cold drink. Have a nice chat. Not being busy with work. Only then can you really let go. So real team building.

Corona Proof Activities Online teambuilding

Corona Proof Activities

To be able to continue to do fun things during this time, we made our activities corona-proof. We have developed a number of new activities and we have made others corona-proof.

Online Teambuilding challenge met vrienden

Online Team Building

The best online team building activities. Always a success for any group.

Teambonding Activities

Team Bonding Activities

Whether for team building, group processes, or just for fun.