Client reviews of company outings

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Client Cases Nutricia: Winter games team outing

What did you think of the event and the collaboration with UP Events?

“The communication with UP Events was always clear and good. And the guests really liked the event. These Winter games created the team building feeling we were looking for.”

Why did you choose UP Events as the location for your team outing?

“We work with Conquesta. They advised me to go to UP Events, because they have a very good cooperation with them.”

What was the atmosphere like during your team outing?

“The atmosphere was very relaxed. It felt warm. We had great time and our game host made it a lot of fun too.”

Company outing review: Dura Vermeer

custom made gps game amsterdam

Read the Client Case here: Dura Vermeer chooses Onboarding Game by UP Events

Company outing reviews: Quoratio

Summer festival June 2018

The inquiry

In March we received the request to Organize the ‘’Quoratio Summerfestival’’ at our location. A complete event for 280 employees with a variety of activities, followed by a BBQ and concluded with a spectacular party.

This is how UP Events created an unforgettable day and evening

UP has put a program together with a wide variety of activities so that everyone could choose what he/ she wanted to do during activity round 1; bubble football, laser gaming, clay head modeling or archery. For the kids there are many nice activities as well.
After the first activity it was time fora n ice cream and a drink.

During activity round two, all colleagues got competitive during our thrilling Escape challenge Morte frio. After this activty it was time for a delicious BBQ in our BeachClup. After the BBQ, everyone got crazy at the dancefloor with our Silent Disco!

Please find above the aftermovie of the Quoratio Summerfestival.

Company outing reviews: Deutsche Bank

client case deutsche bank audio visueel
DB Year End Event 2018

Thanks again for an amazing party. We have had plenty of positive reactions. We had a wonderful evening.

The inquiry

On Thursday, September 13th, we received the request to organize the DB Year End Event for 400 employees on Wednesday, December 12th. The event had to consist of a formal part with several speeches, an interactive part (kahoot), concluded with a banging party with DJ.

This is how UP Events created an unforgettable day

Upon arrival everyone was awaited by our parking attendants and shown a parking space in front of our gate, after which our Ice Queen on stilts (see photo) awaited the guests. The illuminated path with signposting led them to our fully dressed Winter lodge where the delicious snacks were ready. When everyone was inside, the presentation started which ended with an interactive part; Kahoot. Meanwhile, the BBQ smoker was already slow-cooking the most delicious pieces of meat, fish and veggies and then the Food Market was ready.

Our DJ closed the evening with the best music that made everyone show their best dancemoves! The nicest photos were made in our Photobooth. Because Ajax played an important Champions League match that night, Loods 5 was dressed for people who could really NOT miss tis match. Also, our VR-Bar was open during the event for the people who wanted a unique experience in the virtual world.

Company outing reviews: Under Armour

Event Location Amsterdam team building activities
Summer Event 2018

Working with the UP Events team was an easy and seamless process!  They planned exactly the kind of event we had an envisioned.  The day was well organized and we had a fantastic time participating in the unique games offered!  I would highly recommend UP Events for future team building and company outings!

The inquiry

In September we got the request to organize Under Armour’s ‘’Sporty Summer Day Out’’. A sporty day out for 200 employees.

This is how UP Events created an unforgettable day

On arrival a delicious lunch was prepared with tasty sandwiches, fresh gravy, fruit and fruityoghurt. When everyone had his/ her energy level in order again.The epic Hexathlon started. A combination of the coolest activties; laser tag, survivor, highland games, Flag Ball and Knot Hockey. During the 6th, the last round of the activities, the participants could already smell the delicious smell of the BBQ. The event ended with a BBQ and drinks in our Beachclup.

Company outing reviews: Moog

Company Christmas Party Amsterdam DJ
Winter Wonderland December 2017

Awesome party night thanks to the enthusiastic UP Events team. A team with a real ‘’can do’’ mentality. That was obvious when we wanted to organize a Christmas Market for our employees, so that they could shop their own Christmas Gifts at UP Events.

The inquiry

At the end of October 2017 we received the request to organize a Winter Wonderland Party for the employees of Moog & their partners in December. Their specific wish was to organize a Christmas Market so that the employees could fill their Christmas Gifts at our location during the event.

This is how UP Events created an unforgettable day and evening.

On arrival there was ‘’Glühwein’’ and hot chocolate for everybody. After the welcome drink, the group is divided into teams of 7 people to play Escape challenge Morte frio. After this thrilling activity, colleagues started to fill their Christmas Package in the cozy Christmas Market, where of course, the campfire and lights couldn’t be missed. After everyone filled her/his bag, the delicious Winter BBQ was ready whereafter the DJ was ready to make everyone show their best dancemoves!

Company outing reviews: APM Terminals

Teambuilding Amsterdam Escape Challenge Morte Frio
A great experience for an international group in the city center of Amsterdam

The experience was amazing! The activity was a “team building” for members of my department. Everybody enjoyed it and were so excited with the games. 90% of my team are expats or coming to Amsterdam just for this event and they were amazed with the two games. 1) City Hunt and 2) Escape Challenge. Thanks a lot!

The inquiry

In September 2017 we received the request to organize team building activities for a varied international group. The employees only had e-mail and phone contact with eachother and wanted to get to know each other better with our team building activities.

This is how UP Events created an unforgettable day

UP Events created a Custom made game. This game has a personalized character because of the questions about colleagues, combined with funny team building assignments.

After the Custom made game the teams competed during our thrilling Escape challenge Morte frio in the hotel where they stayed in Amsterdam.