Onboarding game client case

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Dura Vermeer chooses onboarding game from UP Events

A little while ago, UP Events organized an event for Dura Vermeer at the UP Events venue in the Gardens of West in Amsterdam. The success of this pleasant collaboration led to a new request form Dura Vermeer soon after. Dura Vermeer wanted a custom-made Onboarding game and had a number of specific wishes and specific goals to which this game should contribute.

For example, UP Events helped Dura Vermeer with the desire to give new employees a warm welcome and to familiarize them quickly with the company. “We want to distinguish ourselves with our onboarding process in our industry,” says Rick Gouderjaan, HR consultant at Dura Vermeer. He continues: “In addition, we wanted to implement our strategic pillar “digitization” within HR, among other things.” Dura Vermeer chose UP Events. “A colleague who had previously worked with UP was very enthusiastic,” said Rick.

Flawless collaboration

Working together on the production of an onboarding game is new for many companies, but it works perfectly with UP Events. This allows the Onboarding Game to be fully tailored to the wishes of the company. “The collaboration went smoothly. The guidance and instructions from UP Events were clear and clear and the game has become very accessible and user-friendly.” Dura Vermeer would certainly recommend UP to other companies. “UP works to the point. They are well able to translate our wishes into concrete ideas and solutions. They are service-oriented, creative and deliver a unique product. Questions and comments were answered quickly and feedback about the game was processed quickly. There was a tight deadline for the development of the game and UP Events did everything to meet it.

Positive reactions

The participants at Dura Vermeer are very positive. In the survey that Dura Vermeer conducts afterwards, the Onboarding Game is almost always mentioned as part of the fact that the new employees have stayed with the most on their first day. “It works well because it’s fun as well as educational,” says Rick. “New employees get to know the organization in a playful way. The digital game is innovative, revolves around collaboration, but also competition, and is simply a lot of fun.”

What exactly is an onboarding game?

Some important issues that many companies struggle with when starting new employees:

  • How do you get new employees integrated into the existing corporate culture?
  • How can new employees be included in the corporate strategy of a company? The corporate strategy can sometimes be quite complicated – but it is a must that new employees are fully aware of this.
  • How can it be ensured that new employees are quickly made fully familiar within the company?

With the Onboarding Game, these issues can be tackled in an accessible way. The Onboarding Game revolves around:

  • Active participation
  • Interaction between the new employees
  • Impactful knowledge transfer
  • Collaboration

The Onboarding Game is a “tablet game”. The game is played in teams and each team receives a tablet. The size of the teams can be determined as desired, but usually it concerns teams of 2-6 players. The game is built up of various questions about the company. It’s all about the corporate culture, the employees, the products and other important information for new employees.

Employees walk through the company using a GPS route with QR codes and always answer new questions along the way to get ahead in the game. The structure of the questions can vary from open questions and multiple choice, to interactive questions in which photo & video play a role.

The Onboarding Game is not only informative. Because in addition to the vision, core values ​​and culture of a company, informal aspects and fun insights can also be effortlessly integrated into the game, which makes the game fun as well as functional.