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Onboarding games

How do you get new employees incorporated into your company culture? How do you make sure your current employees fully adapt a new corporate strategy? UP Events can help you with this, by creating your own tailor-made Onboarding Game.

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Then of course you would like to know the price. And that offcourse depends entirely on your wishes. We ca go for simple & basic or complex & high end. We are happy to discuss all options with you. Please call us or complete the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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Onboarding Games

  • At your own business location, at multiple locations or outside
  • GPS route with QR codes
  • Open and multiple choice questions
  • Game elements with photo & video
  • Integration of vision, core values, corporate culture, products, informal aspects and fun insights
  • Active & Interactive
  • With after answer clues to get the correct message accross

Active & Interactive

New employees don’t have have to sit through a meeting, staring at a screen. With your own onboarding game you can make your employees enthusiastic about your company in an active and interactive way. Your message will impact much better!

Clear & Impactful

All questions and assignments in the Onboarding Game can be tailor-made. Your vision, core values, company culture, products and the informal aspects of an organization are processed in the game through questions, videos and photos. The participants scan QR codes with a tablet and discover the entire company at the same time, literally and figuratively speeking. They have fun, possibly compete with eachother and come to valuable insights.

The Onboarding Game can be set up in many different ways. Possible issues that can be addressed are:

  • What do you want new employees to know about the company and its products?
  • Have your current employees understand and adapt a new company strategy.
  • Inform employees about the history of the company.
  • Which core values do you want to convey?
  • Choose an innovative way to introduce colleagues to eachother.
  • Let your new employees explore the environment of the office; where is the nearest supermarket, bus stop or coffee shop?

Creation of an Onboarding Game

At UP Events we like to keep lines short and create a simple process. Based on your information and objectives, we will get to work with all of the questions and layout. We will record footage at your office and process them in the game. You can also get access to the system so you can make changes if necessary. You can keep track of the results online.

What do you get from UP Events?

  • Consultancy & Project Management
  • Your own game app account for input and results
  • Personnel training
  • Assistance with the first game
  • Game app starter package (1x annual membership and 100 credits)