15-5000 People

Onboarding Games

With Onboarding Games, knowledge transfer is given a new look. No more sitting at a table together and staring at a screen but a new, interactive way to enthuse the future employee or student about the company or school. The interactive and playful way of getting to know the new organization ensures that the content will be reminded much more in an effective way!

All questions and assignments in the Onboarding Games can be customized. It is possible to incorporate the vision, core values, corporate culture, products, health & safety policies and more informal aspects of an organization into the games. Participants have fun, possibly compete with each other and create and obtain valuable insights.

The Onboarding Games can be set up in many different ways where we will always keep the overall goal in mind. Possible issues that can be dealt with in the Onboarding Games:

  • What do you want new employees to know about the company and its products?
  • What impression do you want to leave as a company with new employees?
  • Let the participants get to know the history of the company.
  • Which core values do you want to convey?
  • Choose an innovative way to introduce colleagues to each other.
  • Let your new employee explore the environment of the office; Where is the nearest supermarket, bus stop or coffee shop?

Collaborate function

During the creation of Onboarding Games, we use a Collaborate function. With this functionality we can give you access to the back-end of the Game. You can use this to create questions directly and determine the way in which the answer should be given. Think of “open questions”, “multiple choice questions” or a “photo question”. This has proven to be an effective way of information sharing and communication.

How does it work? You will receive a link from us via e-mail. Via the link you can insert your own questions online. Everyone can do this, it speaks for itself.

Outdoor Onboarding Games

For example, the questions and assignments are set up in or around the work location. These can be multiple-choice questions or questions based on a picture. We can also process videos and time-related questions in the Onboarding Games.

If you want you can follow the results (answers, photos and videos) during the game and find them easily in an online overview. This is ideal for discussing the game and making scores transparent.

Do you want to know how Onboarding Games can contribute to your organization? Feel free to contact us. +31 (0) 204635850, our contactform or via the mail address in the footer.