Why team building is popular

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Why is team building popular? A good team spirit contributes to an efficient way of working and a working atmosphere in which everyone performs optimally. This is of great value to organizations and this is one of the reasons why team building activities are so popular.

To strengthen the team spirit, it is important to go out with the team every now and then. Share experiences that are completely different from the daily routine in the workplace. Challenge the entire team to think creatively and to come up with smart solutions together in a short time. Or throw the active bow and compete in small teams in physical games where you need each other to win.

UP Events has grown with giving team building activities. Our enthusiastic activity supervisors help large and small teams from various types of companies to strengthen the team feeling on a daily basis. Teams from the largest companies in the Netherlands roll over the sports fields with us or are locked up in one of the escape rooms to come out stronger together. In all activities, the team members can take on various tasks and cooperation is of the utmost importance. Various meeting rooms, bars and our beach club offer the opportunity to gather courage beforehand or to evaluate it extensively afterwards.

Top 5 most booked team building activities

#5 Bubble football

ADD UP 1 Bubble Football Team Building Amsterdam

Why is bubble football a popular team building activity? With bubble football you can let off steam as a team. Do you play with the point forward or shoot the ball from the center line into the goal? In any case, don’t be knocked over by your bloated opponents. Non-verbal communication is necessary because everyone operates from their own bubble. Outsmart your opponent through crafty little passes and casual heelballs. And above all have a lot of fun together during this hilarious team building activity.

#4 Custom made GPS game

Custom made business game

A customized interactive game in for your own organization. Play the game in the city, in a park or in and around your own business premises. This type of team building is popular. The group is divided into teams and each team goes out with a tablet to activate questions at different points in the playing field. The organizer from the customer, together with UP Events, puts the game together and is given the opportunity to focus entirely on a specific topic. For example, ask questions about the establishment of the organization or think about fun themes that the organization has to deal with on a daily basis. It is also possible to insert interactive assignments where teams must record videos to score points. Which team comes together on the most creative ideas and which team scores points by being perfectly aware of what is going on together?

#3 Hexathlon

Archery zeskamp Amsterdam

The more you experience together, the closer you come together. With the hexathlon, we offer a series of six different activities that you can perform in succession. Every activity requires good communication and cooperation and it is often nice to see how teams get better and better during the day.

The hexathlon consists of laser tagging, beach volleyball, archery, archery tag, bubble football and the bamboo challenge. All active games and therefore a nice way to get to know each other in a completely different way. How does your colleague react when the laser beams fly around him or her? And who coordinates the attack on the net in beach volleyball? Those who are not fast must be smart and by listening to each other’s tips you will leave all other teams behind you.

#2 Survivor: Robinson Crusoe

Team building survivor Teambuilding Amsterdam

For people who want to experience what it is like to be a real Robinson all their lives, UP Events offers the team building activity “Survivor“. Together with your team you survive the opponents by working well together. If you go through these tests together, you will soon experience why team building is popular.

Which team member comes up with the smartest constructions and who is the most handy with making fire? Who keeps the peace when the pressure increases? Various talents come in handy during this physical outdoor activity. With the creation of UP events we started with a modest selection of games and we are now expanding considerably. To make the “Expedition Robinson” experience even more intense, we are launching some major new trials in May this year. Something every fan of Expedition Robinson should see.

#1 Morte frio

Escape Challenge Morte Frio Loods 7 2

Due to the growing need for team building activities for large groups, UP Events developed the “Morte frio escape challenge“. An exciting game in which multiple teams of 5 to 8 people compete with each other. Each team has its own set-up with riddles and it is about which team comes to the final solution the fastest. To win it is important not to be distracted by your opponents and to listen to each other and work together. Catch up with the other teams by distributing the tasks well and quickly responding to the different talents within your own team. When you do this best you save the lives of your team and the loot is yours! Morte Frio can be played on site with us, but can also be built up at any other desired location.

UP Events team building combinations

Combine your team building activity together in a complete team outing package. You then finish the day with a drink, talk about it and enjoy a delicious BBQ buffet together.

By participating in well-organized team building activities, you discover where your colleagues’ talents lie. Take on different challenges together, get closer and walk the terrain as an unbeatable team at the end of the day. The UP Events team is available seven days a week to contribute to this.