UP Events: How to rock your guests’ winter!?

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Winter is quite often viewed as a comfort season. Everyone wants to stay indoors, enjoy a cup of tea and binge-watch movies. As a result, many event companies might feel stuck when organizing fun events that can drag people outside their homes.

In this article, UP Events will bring some brilliant examples of how to rock your guests’ winter.

Cosy atmosphere

The decoration is everything, especially when it comes to an event. For example, with the right stage, you can make someone from the coldest country believe they are in the middle of a beach in Hawaii.

So if the biggest obstacles to winter events are the cold weather and the fact that people find it difficult to go outside. The key is to create a cosy atmosphere that will make your guests feel at home… but without making them think they are in their own living room. You don’t want a boring event!

Cool and creative workshop

The cold is not something that attracts attention from the start, but making it an attraction is what will make the difference. Creativity, besides sports and leisure activities, is an aspect that should be enhanced during such a lazy season. Think about something outside the box for your customers! An unconventional idea would be an ice sculpting workshop, a different way to create competition against each other. With no need to mention, taking photos of their masterpiece afterwards can effortlessly contribute to free marketing of your events.

IJssculpturen workshop Amsterdam

Make them move

Another way to take the cold off is… with movement! A good idea is to include not only workshops but also winter-inspired activities that will make your guests give their best.

Winter Games team building is guaranteed to be a blast! Surround your guests with a winter atmosphere at their very own après ski party. This activity consists of semi-active games where you compete in teams against each other. You will become the champion if your team has scored the most points at the end of the games and the teams compete against each other in various activities.

Catch the icicle, curl the beer glass, hang the ski trousers, and fight the snowmen. These activities can be combined for corporate events to create teambuilding and for groups to have a good time.

Winter Olympics UP Events Amsterdam

Festival food court

Last but not least, the food. An event is nothing without food and drink…

A personal piece of advice from UP, don’t skimp on this!

A guest with good food is a happy guest. And the good thing about it is that you can adapt it to the season’s ingredients. So, for example, you can include marshmallows or unique cocktails that will teleport them into a Christmas atmosphere which we promise will surprise them, which is the key. If a guest is surprised, they will remember the event for a long time.

In conclusion, At UP events, we always have a motto ”can do” no matter if there is cold rain or a pandemic in between. Therefore, we always focus on creating memorable events and special moments. Overcoming the ”low season” is a challenge that many companies must overcome, but it is not something that cannot be a success. The real challenge is to be different.

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