Festival food

(from 100 persons)

At your Company party or Company festival everyone will be thought of here at UP Events. There will be different buffets throughout the whole area. Buffets that take allergies and vegetarians into account, in short, no matter what you like, there will be a buffet with food you love. These buffets will create the festival atmosphere that everyone recognizes, because if you think about it, what is a festival without good food?

€44,95 pp excl. vat.


  • Deliciously tender and juicy grilled beefburger of 100% Dutch natural meat
  • Tender piece of steak from a 100% Dutch natural meat


  • Slow cooked pulled chicken with a secret spice mix
  • Delicious marinated skewer of tender chicken thighs


  • Tender and juicy piri piri marinated spare ribs


  • Warm on beech wood chips hot smoked salmon
  • Black tiger prawn skewer from the BBQ


  • Vegan pulled jackfruit
  • Delicious Lentil burger of lentils, carrot, bell pepper, leek and garlic


  • Point bag of Friethoes fries with a dollop of mayonnaise
  • Brown and white rustic baguette
  • Various spreads and sauces


  • Organic vegetable soup


  • Chickpeas with fresh vegetables and pesto dressing
  • Stuffed couscous with raisin salad finished with a pleasant lemon-garlic sauce
  • White cabbage salad with raisins added for an even nicer taste experience
  • Artisanal quinoa rye salad with mango, blueberries, cranberries and mint

Dessert (exclusive at package 2&3)

  • A liquid ice cream mix is poured onto a large round plate of -30 degrees Celsius. The guests choose their favorite taste and toppings themselves! With 2 spatulas in hand, the mix is prepared LIVE to an edible art. After the ice has been properly frozen on the plate, it is literally led into beautiful courses, rolled up and gracefully presented!

Barista (exclusive at package 3)

  • Espressi espresso bar with professional baristas who prepare the most delicious coffee variations in no time

The best food and drink options

Bedrijfsfestival Food Amsterdam


Check our delicous menu; voor every meeting or event!

Barista Truck Lavazza

Barista truck

Enjoy the best coffee made by one of our experienced baristas.

Cocktailbar Event Amsterdam

Cocktail bar

The most fantastic cocktails are made for you by our experienced cocktailshakers.

Cone of fries Event Amsterdam

Cone of fries

The best fries from Friethoes in a nice cone bag makes every event an experience.

ice cream truck stall amsterdam

Ice cream cart

The tastiest ice creams to complete your fcompany event!

Lunch box or snack box at home

Lunch box or snack box at home

Lunch box or snack box at home. For your guests of the online event or online team building game.

rolled icecream kar

Rolled ice cream cart

Complete your corporate event with an ‘ice booth’ and be taken into the world of ‘smash ‘n roll ice-creams’.