You deserve a party snackbox

YAY, YOU, You deserve a party! Today you received your own party in a box. With pain in our hearts we cannot get together. MEGA UGHS. The good news is; today we play an online teambuilding game together and we think you deserve a party anyway. So find a good place in the house, be ready for the game. You know what they say: laughter is the best medicine. We’re going to get through this together. Pop the confetti, blow up the balloon, do a little dance in the living room. Enjoy the festive bites. And a cocktail. Don’t do this alone, but online. With each other. With us.

Contents of the You deserve a party box

The You deserve a party snackbox is a snackbox full of the most fantastic products with which you can create a real party at home.

  • Confetti popper
  • Luxury golden chocolate pearls
  • Lambada nut mix
  • Porpercorn popcorn sweet and salty
  • Funky Falcon beer

If a product is not in stock, we will replace the product with an equivalent product.

Price of the You deserve a party box

Price: €23,95 excluding VAT.
Shipping costs: €7,50 per snackbox (parcel post within the Netherlands)
Minimum order 20 pieces

Contact us for a quote for your event. Call us on + 31(0)204635850 or email us via our contact form.

Combine this snackbox with

Combine the You deserve a party snackbox with an digital event or one of our online team building games. Especially in these times of social distance it is important to organize something fun together. Ofcourse still with a safe distance, from home. We have an online game with a snackbox that suits every occasion. Think of our online Pubquiz show, the online winter Scrooge game or the crazy online escape game Project pegasus. Because let’s face it, not many of us have experienced a year like this before.

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