Mood brightening comfort food

In a time where love brings us closer together, we want to surprise you with a box full of comfort food. Now that we can’t get together live, you deserve some extra love. This comfort food box is a lifesaver! Although there is some research that claims that comfort food does not exist at all, we are really convinced that eating these bites makes you feel a lot better.

The snackboxes are provided by our partner BRKLN ‘for the love of food’

Content Mood brightening comfort food

  • Brownie with chili pepper and chocolate chunks
  • Brandt & Levie sausage
  • Green olives with lemon and garlic
  • Popcorn with caramel and sea salt
  • Cheese biscuits with rosemary and Old Amsterdam
  • Mini bottle of wine or IPA beer or Kombucha

Price Mood brightening comfort food

Price: €29,95 excluding VAT.
Shipping costs: €7,50 per drink box (parcel post within the Netherlands)
Minimum order 20 pieces

Contact us for a quote for your event. Call us on + 31-204635850 or email us via our contact form.

Combine this snackbox with

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