Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

UP Events is located at a beautiful green location on the edge of Amsterdam. We are located in the green ‘The Gardens of West’, a self-governing region within Amsterdam, where sustainability is a key element. After nearly a century of discussion about the destination and interpretation of the four green “polders” (areas) between Amsterdam, the canal ring Haarlemmermeer, Halfweg and the N200 road, an administrative decision was made in 2007. The four areas were included in the Main Green Structure of Amsterdam and have since been further developed by the Nieuw-West district into a unique, multifunctional recreational area: Gardens of West.

Connected in our ideals, the entrepreneurs in this area are committed to sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR). On this page you can read more about what UP Events specifically and actively contributes to a better and more sustainable world. Sustainability plays a role in what we do as much as possible. In this way we work on better events, business or consumer, with the right balance between people, the environment and society.


  • Onsite we use a lot of natural materials and we keep as much green (trees, plants, grass, etc) as possible.
  • We get our energy from Greenchoice. In this way we know for sure that we can meet our energy needs in a CO2-neutral way.
  • When it’s cold in the winter, we use (extra) heaters to heat our locations and meeting rooms, but only when used. This heat is generated by modern heaters, which use biodiesel. This diesel is made from vegetable or animal waste.
  • Characteristics of vegetable diesel:
    • Fossil-free diesel
    • Reduces CO2 emissions by 89% compared to regular diesel
    • Very low harmful emissions such as particulate matter, nitrogen and soot
    • Contains virtually no sulfur particles and aromatics
    • Is readily biodegradable
    • Is almost odorless
  • In order to minimize the use of the gas network, UP Events uses pellet stove heaters for almost all of its locations. That means that the front half of our complex is completely off the gas. The pellet stoves burn on biologically obtained wood pellets which burn for a long time and are clean. The use of pellet stove heaters, in combination with the right pellets, is CO2 neutral.
  • UP Events is part of The Gardens of West, where sustainability is central to this area. In this way we obtain our wood from a tree nursery in the neighborhood and we always try to realize our events with the smallest possible footprint.
  • We have opted for Beelen for the processing of our waste. They separate our waste and use it 99.45% again for reuse. Beelen stands for: closing the material circles, and this unique approach means the lowest possible impact on the environment.
  • In our food we offer more vegetarian food sincs 2020, so the emphasis will be less on meat, but more honest, tasty fruit and vegetables will be offered. Not only healthier, but also better for the environment! Of course it we also offer BBQ’s that are completely vegetarian or vegan.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

  • In collaboration with our BBQ supplier, we are working on BBQ packages with less meat in our range. So a better meat/vegetarian ratio to reduce footprint. In any case, we have complete vegetarian and vegan BBQ packages.
  • UP Events is currently registered and awaiting on approval for a Green Key certificate, the largest sustainability label for the tourism and recreational industry in the Netherlands.

De Tuinen van West Geenchoice

UP Events core values

Our core values ​​are what we stand for and who we are. From management to every employee on the floor. We have consciously opted for a socially responsible business and mentality:

  • take care of each other (happy employees & happy clients)
  • enjoy life & work (positive & fun)
  • be better, every day (quality & ambitious)
  • do the right thing (moral compass)
  • be different (unique & unexpected)

Sustainable team building activities

In all our activities, sustainability is considered as much as possible. Moreover, we are currently developing two specific group activities, purely focused on CSR and Sustainability.

  • The plastic game
  • The CSR outing

Do you have questions about this? Or do you want to register your company, team or group for one of these new activities? Contact us via or call us UP: +31(0)20-463 5850.