Team building experience events

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Beerwulf & UP Events

During the Event summit fair -the largest platform for the events industry, we met Bonnie Bentinck from Beerwulf. The beer platform Beerwulf team consists of real beer lovers. Beerwulf aims to introduce people to the rich world of craft and specialty beers through their online platform within the contemporary explosion of breweries. Beerwulf and Heineken recently joined forces and the goal of the team event was to bind both companies.

UP Events team building experience

Bonnie’s interest in UP Events and the team building experiences already arose when she saw the stand at the fair. “The logo and the appearance of the UP stand immediately appealed to us.” She was also thrilled by the unique location in the middle of the greenery and the open, relaxed atmosphere of UP Events.

Less than a month later UP Events organised two days of the ‘strategic week’ for Beerwulf. What would UP help them with? “We wanted to pay attention to team building, but at the same time we also wanted to hold valuable (strategic) team meetings. At UP this was possible in a fantastic location.”

DAY 1 February 26, 2019

The first day of Beerwulf’s event experience took place on UP’s grounds in the Gardens of West. Beerwulf took a ‘meeting package’, whereby they rented Loods 5 and Loods 6. Extensive meetings were held with unlimited use of coffee, tea, soft drinks, lunch and a (healthy) snacks. In addition, they had various activities to complete in groups. The archery tag (bow & arrow), laser tag and our heart-pounding escape game Morte Frio were enjoyed. To top it off, there was a drink with a pub quiz and a workshop by Beerwulf himself. To end the day everyone had a ride home with transport provided by UP.

DAY 2 February 27, 2019

Day two was devoted to a Custom made game, the so-called ‘Customised Scavenger Hunt’. During this custom GPS game, the entire Beerwulf team was divided into several smaller teams. They set to work on an interactive game full of riddles and questions that were compiled substantively by input from Beerwulf himself and mainly concentrated with craft and specialty beer. A team building experience with a route through Amsterdam on bicycles and tandems. Along the way, the teams tried to score as many points as possible by answering questions about the Beerwulf brand, among other things. As a result, the knowledge of the employees was sharpened in a playful way. “We wanted to do a ‘beer centric scavenger hunt’ in Amsterdam, so that our employees would learn more about Amsterdam, but also about beer, craft and special beer.

The various possibilities on our site, the option to also organise activities on location and to put together a customised city game, made it easy for Beerwulf to choose UP. “The program for both days was set up very clearly and in advance, so that everything went smoothly on the day itself.”

“The UP team is super enthusiastic and motivated to help their customers with their goals and wishes. Thanks to the great cooperation with UP, we were able to organise two great events in a very short time.”

The participants of the Beerwulf team were also enthusiastic about the two team days. “The City Game was really great, how nice to get to know a city and a company even better in this way!”

“UP offers a lot of flexibility and creativity in experience events. The UP team really looks at the company and decides what best suits this specific team and purpose. In this way, a team building day or game is composed very personally and completely according to your wishes. UP is very involved and motivated to make your event a great success. Did I mention they are very hospitable? A must do!”