Survivor team outing

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Experience the coolest games yourself

Do you also want to participate in an ultimate survival experience? It’s possible at UP Events! Experience the coolest tests from one of the most popular survival games out now. 

Every year, many people are glued to the television every week when the new season of “Survivor” (or “Robinson Crusoe”) is broadcasted. Candidates try to survive on an uninhabited island. It takes its name from the 18ieth– century-old fictional sailor Robinson Crusoe, who also ended up on an uninhabited island after shipwreck – known or lesser known participants carry out the most violent, heavy, complicated or tactical tests. Many secretly dream of participating in the survival tests themselves.

On the impressive green terrain of UP Events – perhaps not an uninhabited island as in the series, but unique – you can now test your own survival skills and experience a complete Robinson with your company or your own team! Immerse yourself completely in the world of Survivor and discover your own strengths.

Will you survive the island council?

May 2019 Survivor Amsterdam opened at the beautiful location of UP Events in the Gardens of West. This is the largest – and perhaps the coolest – survivor team outing in the Netherlands. Here teams of 5 to 8 people can compete with each other in survival games as a team outing. As a team you have to carry out the assignments as well as possible, but remember that you can always lose points from ’the island council’ (yes, yes, it is just like the show!). Here you can experience the most popular TV series tests for yourself. Each and every one of the tests has been beautifully recreated using wooden constructions. One advantage of these survival games, you don’t have to go hungry here! Optional lunch, drinks or BBQ can be added to your event.

For doers & thinkers

Don’t be afraid, you don’t have to be in top shape to participate. There are assignments designed for all to participate, young and old, big and small. As well as the active exercises, there are also tactical parts and thinking tests. So there is always something you are good at.

It’s all about working together

Survivor Amsterdam is perfect as a company outing. Everything revolves around collaboration and therefore team building. The 1.5 to 2.5 hour survival game is suitable for 10 to 380 participants. Add a survivor team outing to a company festival, schedule it as a break from a workshop or meeting or combine it with another activity suchs as bubble football. A great way to bring up competitive drive and team spirit among colleagues. Friends or family teams are also welcome!

In action!

Each team represents a colour and everyone in the team receives a bandana in this shade. For starters, each team designs a team flag. Then it is time for action!

Tests & Trials Survival Games
  • The maze – Each team receives a bin containing a maze. The aim is to get the balls in the right place.
  • The big sling – A ball must be shot into a net using a self-built construction.
  • The stairway to heaven – By building a staircase and climbing it, a puzzle can be solved at the top. With the code obtained, a chest can be opened. Use the supplies in the box to make a fire and let the hanging rope above burn through, causing a baton to strike the gong.
  • Message in a bottle – With bamboo sticks you get water from a barrel. This water should come into a pipe 6 meters away. If it is full, you will receive the code.

The team that performs most tests well and quickly and survives most island councils is the winner of Survivor Amsterdam. Check out and book this amayzing team activity called Survivor now!