Discover how corporate events and conference festivals have become the new norm!

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UP Events offers 45,000 m2 of fun and networking for your corporate party or conference festival. It’s the perfect location where corporate parties and conference festivals meet in a low-key festival vibe!

From the ground UP, we create unforgettable events – now with a bird’s-eye view!

‘Speaking of ‘the only way is UP’; six years ago, UP Events started with one small Romney shed and just a few escape rooms. Within a short time, the organization grew to complete team building activities including catering facilities. Then, with the INSPIRE Festival in 2019.
A new challenge came into sight, namely that of facilitating large corporate parties and congress festivals.

Now in 2023, UP Events is six years old and can handle these large requests with ease. This makes the location extremely suitable for organizations with 500+ employees who are looking for fun, networking, and culinary enjoyment. Does this appeal to you?

Corporate parties

On the 45,000 square meter site, almost nothing is impossible. Due to the layout and the many separate spaces and activities, various small meetings and program components can easily take place alongside each other. But it gets really cool when the entire location is dedicated to one organization. Can you imagine it? A large corporate party or festival where your employees compete in fun team-building activities. And spoiled with all kinds of delicious food from our own kitchen, and go wild to great music.

If you organize the event together with UP Events. You are guaranteed an event at a high level full of fun and content. Content? Absolutely, by means of the event canvas. We will work with you to incorporate the core values and DNA of the organization into the party. For example, the event for 1,000 employees of a childcare organization who enjoyed a whole day of fun games, music, food & drinks. Or what about the 25th anniversary of ROC. Where more than 2,500 employees participated in 25 activations, culminating in a big party.

By the way, UP Events is not only interesting for the summer months. As a winter festival works surprisingly well too! Think winter Olympics, think bonfires, think making ice sculptures. Think hot chocolate… you get the idea.

This article introduces UP Events, an event and team-building company based in the Netherlands that has grown rapidly since its establishment in 2017.

Welkom bij UP Events
Conscious Travel Festival

Congress festivals

What the team of UP Events can do for parties, they can also do with a substantive twist. Congress festivals, we don’t like the term ourselves, but it describes exactly what it is: a day full of learning and networking in a low-threshold festival vibe. The location is suitable for plenary sessions of up to 400 people and jointly covered openings for up to 1,000 people. For UP Events, there are so many indoor and covered spaces that a ‘bad weather scenario’ is not a plan B, but still a plan A!

Give guests a block schedule and let them decide which program components to attend. First a joint opening or keynote speaker and then don’t plan anything linear, so that everyone can put together their own ideal program and come into contact with many (new) colleagues. Knowledge transfer and connecting has never been so much fun.

The nice thing is that UP Events has everything in-house. This means that the quality of the activities is high level and you don’t have to worry about external hiring and all possible problems that come with it. The same goes for the culinary program; our own kitchen team is ready to spoil your guests from behind large wood-fired BBQ smokers and live cooking stations!


Locations under the smoke of Amsterdam where you can park for free, use various indoor and outdoor locations, and where many high-quality activities are already present are rare. UP Events has it all… and more!

Are you curious about what UP Events can do for you? Then there’s only one thing to do; visit the location so that you too will be convinced of the possibilities.