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From 10 People

Winter Olympics

This activity will be a blast guaranteed! Surround yourself in an winter-y atmosphere at your very own Après Ski party. The Winter Olympics are semi-active and can be enjoyed by everyone. Young or old, fit or less fit, everyone will have a great time at our very own Winter olympic games. Compete in teams against each other in this wacky event, score points and become the Winter champion.
You will become the champion if your team has earned the most points at the end of the olympics.

These Après ski games are a combination of sporty activities, smart play, dexterity, competition, but everything in good fun and with a comedic twist. Also let’s not forget about the Après ski music, surroundings and the fun-factor. The tiroler music and the big glasses of beer are of course also included in this activity.

This program is including:

  • Professional guidance
  • a 2 hour filling program
  • Amazing game materials
  • a prize for the winning team
  • a professional event location with free parking

The teams will compete against each other in various activities.catch the icicle, beer glass curling, ski pants hanging, snowman wrestling, a cool winter photobooth and glühwine! This program is ideal to combine with our winter wonderland arrangments.


Duration: 120 minutes
10 – 5000 persons: €28,95 pp excl. 9% VAT

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Winter Olympics activities

Beer glass curling
It resembles the game of ‘Sjoelen'(a traditional Dutch game) alot. Just replace the discs by big pints of beer and you get the idea.

Skipants hanging
Two or three people will hang on to the skipants, per 5 seconds you get one point.

Nail that nail
A game played one-on-one. Hit your nail in a block of wood as quickly as possible! Whoever is the fastest, wins. Who will become the King of Nails in your team?

Catch the icicle
Icicles hang on a contruction. The icicles will drop one by one, each caught icicle will result in points. The team that catches the most icicles will win this round!

Snowman Wrestling
Become the terrible snowman en push the other snowman out of your arena! All is safe and secure and you’ll wear a protective ‘big/fat’ suit.