Congrestival 30 years NOREA – conference, festival, and company anniversary celebration in one

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Business and socializing come together in a corporate conference with a festival vibe.

On a radiant spring day in May, we welcomed 475 members of NOREA, the professional organization for IT Auditors, to the Congrestival “Dancing on the Digital Volcano.” Our task was not only to provide them with an enjoyable afternoon but also to facilitate a strong and informative program. And so we did. As Debbie Reinders, the event organizer for NOREA, beautifully put it afterward, “The goal was to have a fun and informative networking afternoon in a different way than members are used to. And that goal was definitely achieved.”

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The Challenge

Double the assurance. Taking risks? Preferably not. Meetings in the auditing industry usually take place in more conventional conference centers. So it was quite exciting to bring this target group together on our informal festival grounds for a 30-year anniversary celebration. Debbie was up for the challenge: “We wanted to do things differently. To be in contact with each other but away from the conference room.” That’s where UP Events comes in.

Why UP events?

Making your event successful is our number one priority. We take a lot of work off your hands, brainstorm with you, and honestly, nothing is too much for us. Debbie can attest to that: “The UP Events team was extremely cooperative and immediately open to all our ideas. From the very beginning, nothing was too much and everything was possible. Even up to the last moment, when I wanted to make changes to the schedule just before the event. UP Events offered us optimal flexibility.”

From the very beginning, nothing was too much and everything was possible.

Debbie Reinders (Event Manager for Norea)

Event Objective

“It had to be an enjoyable afternoon.” But with a strong and informative program, featuring interesting speakers and workshops. There also had to be ample opportunity for networking. Fortunately, our atmospheric festival grounds provided more than enough space for that.

On the program

After smoothly welcoming 475 guests in Loods 7, the Congrestival kicked off in BeachclUP 1. Participants then created their own program by choosing from a diverse range of workshops and informative knowledge sessions in BeachclUP 2, the Stretchtent, Loods 2, Loods 4, Loods 5, Loods 6, and a knowledge market in the Ronde tent. Debbie explains, “In BeachclUP 2, experts faced off against each other in a boxing ring, with a referee overseeing and judging the whole thing. That’s a truly creative implementation of an informative session.” After the Grand Finale in BeachclUP 1, we concluded the day successfully with music, a DJ, delicious food, and refreshing drinks.

The result

“Our members are accustomed to conference centers, so this location where we could spend a lot of time outside was really surprising for them,” Debbie shares. Dozens of knowledge sessions in different areas, plenty of time for networking in the spring sun, and let’s go grab another drink at one of the cozy bars. Doesn’t that make you exceptionally happy? “The creative venue truly contributed to a relaxed atmosphere, and the diverse spaces continuously created an original setting for the content. The sunshine that day enhanced that relaxed feeling.”

The reactions

“Super enthusiastic,” says Debbie. “Even when, despite the nice weather, it suddenly poured rain. Many guests walked around in sustainable, biodegradable ponchos from one shed to another.” She herself also looks back on the anniversary celebration more than happily: “At other venues, you sometimes sense a hint of arrogance: ‘This is our place, and this is how we do things.’ None of that is evident at UP Events; nothing was difficult. That flexible way of working together is truly pleasant.”

It was fantastic that NOREA dared to step outside the box. It was a bit out-of-the-box for the IT auditors present, but that made it refreshing. This Congrestival shows that you can discuss serious matters very effectively in the relaxed setting of our festival grounds.

Pim van UP Events

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