25 Years of ROC: 25 Unique Activities for 2,500 Employees

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How to make a jubilee party for thousands of guests incredibly enjoyable

A party with 2,500 guests? UP Events is up to the challenge. Our creative minds started buzzing when Janneke Toet and Eliza van den Anker from ROC approached us. Their request: a unique and, above all, super fun 25th-anniversary celebration for all the employees of ROC Amsterdam and Flevoland. UP Events conjured up 25 extraordinary activities to make the event truly special. Worried about organizational stress? Janneke and Eliza had none of that: “We were incredibly well taken care of.”

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The challenge

Teachers, teaching assistants, coordinators, financial staff, and timetable managers – just a few roles among the thousands of employees at ROC Amsterdam and Flevoland. Organizing a top-notch party for such a diverse and large group, and ensuring everyone has a great time, can be quite tricky. Fortunately, our festival grounds are as vast and varied as this group, making us the perfect choice for the party committee.

Why UP Events?

Janneke described our festival grounds as a rugged atmosphere with a no-nonsense vibe, perfectly matching the culture of their educational institution. Eliza added, “The UP Events venue in the Tuinen van West inspired us to come up with a unique concept for the celebration.” Furthermore, the size of the venue was a perfect fit, considering the guest list boasted 5,000 people.

25 jaar ROC

From red bean bags to polaroids with our logo rolling out of the photobooth, it truly felt like an ROC event.

Janneke from ROC Amsterdam and Flevoland

The organization

Our excellent relationships with various partners also came in handy. We utilized a convenient registration tool for the RSVPs and had a team that decorated the entire venue according to the institution’s branding. “From red bean bags to polaroids with our logo rolling out of the photobooth, it truly felt like an ROC event,” Janneke remarked. Eliza added, “Our own students, through our ROC events agency, made a significant contribution to the hospitality at the party. It was great that UP Events provided space for them.”

The event’s objective

To express gratitude to all colleagues and provide them with a carefree and enjoyable day. Eliza said, “The idea quickly emerged to organize 25 activities throughout the day so that everyone could participate in something they would enjoy. UP Events had no problem with that and even brainstormed creative ways to fulfill our vision.” Organizing a successful event for such a large number of people was a bit nerve-wracking, but as Janneke shared, “UP Events took a lot of work off our hands, which gave us confidence. Under their guidance, we conducted a workshop with employees to exchange ideas. We selected 25 activities, which UP Events then organized. We didn’t have to worry about a thing.”

On the program

Hundreds of employees were brought to the venue by buses from each ROC location. Upon arrival, parking attendants efficiently directed them. The program offered something for everyone: from energetic bubble football, archery, laser tag, and an authentic Robinson Crusoe game to a festive karaoke caravan and a silent disco. Competing in the arcade game hall could be alternated with a creative workshop called “Sculpt Your Own Colleague.” Eliza mentioned, “UP Events also had a few surprises for our organizing committee.” Stilt walkers and a golf cart with enthusiastic announcers from “Action in the Taxi” created a lively atmosphere. Eliza continued, “Another success was ‘ROC on STAGE’ in Loods 7, where colleagues sang and made music together. Throughout the day, there were plenty of cozy spots to gather. As the evening approached, the atmosphere was enhanced by bonfires.” Guests danced the night away to the delightful tunes provided by our DJ.

The outcome

Relaxed. Conversations flowing, good food. Yes, all 2,500 guests left happier than when they arrived – exactly as UP Events intended. Eliza remarked, “It was wonderful to reconnect after a long period of remote work. This party became a topic of conversation for a long time.” You couldn’t ask for a better result from your party, could you?

The reactions

“No complaints, only positive feedback!” Eliza exclaimed. “The food was particularly outstanding; people were really enthusiastic about it. The cocktail bar was also a hit. And the smash ‘n roll ice creams were edible masterpieces.” The on-site assistance received a perfect 10: “Our UP Events contact checked in with us every hour, allowing us to make adjustments if necessary.” Janneke agreed, saying, “UP Events is an enthusiastic team that we enjoyed working with. Nothing was too much trouble, and they truly took care of us. We organized this event together in a relatively short time, with flexible collaboration up to the day itself.”

2,500 guests enjoyed a surprising jubilee day in their own unique way. Mission accomplished! In my opinion, this event is a prime example of how you can successfully throw a party with a large and diverse group.

Pim van UP Events

Onze service

  • Company festival package 2
  • All-in-one unique indoor and outdoor festival venue: main plenary area and sub-rooms, including furniture, professional AV, and decorations
  • 25 surprising activities: from an arcade game hall to a festive karaoke caravan
  • Project management
  • Festival Food Market
  • Enthusiastic hospitality and event staff
  • Entertainment

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