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Top 5 Activities for your nex New Year’s Event

November 19, 2019

Almost a year has passed. For many companies, time to plan a New Years event for the staff, so we created a shot Top 5 list to help you with this.  The New Year’s event is – besides a great moment to reflect on the developments, milestones, exciting new plans and the success of the company – also an excellent opportunity to do something fun with the whole team. Get active or creative and get closer to each other. At UP Events we are chock full of ideas to end your year in style. Say goodbye to the dull new year’s reception and opt for an unforgettable evening. Discover our favorite winter activities for a successful New Years event.

# 5: Create a chain reaction

We start this Top 5 with something creative. Create a chain reaction! In just over an hour you can design your own Rube Goldberg-inspired construction. American cartoonist Rube Goldberg invented a complex device that can trigger a chain reaction. You will work in small teams to create such a Rube Goldberg machine yourself. Are you going to compete against each other or will you work together? You can also choose to create one BIG chain reaction with the whole team. If that does not boost the team spirit… UP’s Chain Reaction activity is educational, stimulates creativity and a solution-oriented approach and requires serious, communicative cooperation from the employees. Most important of all;this activity is simply super fun and inspiring.

Working together Creative | All at the same time | Possible on location

Tips New Years event Chain Reaction

# 4: The new Casa de Papel VR game

Next up in these “Tips New Years event” Top 5 is about what everyone is talking about it; the exciting series La Casa de Papel. Enough reason for UP Events to create a great experience that you can also do with large groups at the same time. In the VR game Casa de Papel, the participants, armed with VR glasses, under the leadership of El Profesor attack the Royal Mint of Spain. Solving exciting puzzles, good communication and the right cooperation can lead to the victory of this thrilling Escape Game. You can play this game with several teams at the same time.

Working together VR | All at the same time | Possible on location

Top 5 Suggestions for a New Year's company party Casa de Papel

# 3: Ice sculpture workshop

You may have never thought of it; making ice sculptures… This activity is perfect for a winter party and definitely derserves a spot in the Top 5. During the ice sculpture workshop you first create a design in pairs. This could be your company’s logo, for example. Then you work with a hammer and chisel on a large block of ice and your artwork comes to life. Hands down the coolest activity of UP Events.

Working together Creative | All at the same time | Possible on location

Tips New Years event Icesculpting workshop

# 2: Escape Challenge Morte Frio

Morte Frio is the most blood-curdling game in this “Tips New Years event”-list. This Escape Challenge is based on ‘Morte Frio’, a Guerrilla and drug cartel in Colombia. This game is all about fighting, hostage-taking and murder. As a team, you hold hostage someone on the edge of the Amazon in a white van. But oh dear! A witness appears. Then there is only one thing left to do: take out the witness. Is your team succeeding in defusing the witness rather than being dismantled yourself?

Working together Competition | All at the same time | Possible on location

Top 5 Suggestions for a New Year's company party Escape Challenge Morte Frio

# 1: Winter Olympics

The sporty number 1 from this “Tips New Years event”-list! The Winter Olympics consists of 4 short games. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be in top shape to participate in the Winter Olympics games. They are suitable for young and old, fit girls and Burgundians. You will undertake the most hilarious activities in teams. Did you think you’d ever go ski pants hanging, icicle catching, snowman wrestling, and beer mug shovelling?!

Competition | Alternately | Fun for everyone

Tips New Years event winter olympics amsterdam

Let’s go UP

Are you looking forward to one of these great activities? Or do you have another great suggestion for this Top 5 for new years events? We like to think and share the ideas with you! It is possible to choose a package or maybe you prefer to tailor your event according to your wishes? Please contact us to talk more about the possibilities and options for your New Year’s reception for the best company to party of the year!