Company outing Amsterdam

Great that you are here for the best company outings in Amsterdam,! We are happy to help you find a great online company outing or teambuilding event. We offer teambuilding activities, city games, creative workshops, sports activities and much more.

Just want to book a single activity? No problem. A fully catered day with multiple activities, delicious food and a party with a lot of fun? We are happy to help you! We will make sure that every activity or fully catered day becomes a true experience! Something that you and your guests will talk about for a long time.

We take care of each other and take care of the customer, we enjoy, are a bit different, do what is right and we all want to do this better, every day! We are driven by our passion to make your event a success!

Location UP Events – Amsterdam West

The location breaths the right atmosphere. This is where the ‘twist of the unexpected’ begins. Here you will enjoy inspiring meetings, crazy and original workshops, sporting activities (laser gaming, survivor, beach volleyball, bubble football etc) and we are ready to make a party!

By the way … with free parking, in Amsterdam, really.

We hope you find what you are looking for. Not found or need more help? Call us at +31(0)204635850 or fill out the contact form, we will call you!

Why a company outing at UP Events

  • You will leave happier than you arrived
  • We meet expectations, we prefer to exceed them
  • Value for money
  • We don’t just promise a company outing but an experience
  • Every year we offer one new spectacular experience to look forward to
  • Still not happy? we will invite you back
  • Don’t believe us, the reviews will confirm this

Facts about UP Events

  • Over 80,000 happy customers per year
  • Over 15 years of experience in outstanding events
  • Every day keen and exited staff to make a success of your event
  • More than 100 company outings at one location!
  • Vebon member (outdoor safety standard), Recron member and TUV certified
  • Free parking at our location

Choose from the best all in packages

Go to "ADD UP 1"


A completely arranged package. Including 1 activity, 3 drinks per person, and a delicious BBQ. Perfect for a company outing, team outing, or stay party.

  • 4,25 hour
  • from 10

from 66,94 p.p. Vanafprijs, per person.

ADD UP 1 Bubble Football Team Building Amsterdam
Go to "ADD UP 2"


A fully catered event with a activity, snack platter, 3 hour drinking package and great BBQ.

  • 4,25 hour
  • from 10

from 92,8 p.p. Vanafprijs, per person.

ADD UP 2 Team Outing Amsterdam Team Building
Go to "ADD UP 3"


A fully catered event with 2 activities, snack platter, 3 hour unlimited drinks and a great BBQ.

  • 5,6 hour
  • from 10

from 118,43 p.p. Vanafprijs, per person.

ADD UP 3 Company Outing Amsterdam Team Building
Go to "Amazing day"

Amazing day

The king among the packages: 3 activities, lunch, snacks, unlimited drinks for the whole day and a delicious BBQ.

  • 9 hour
  • from 10

from 175 p.p. Vanafprijs, per person.

Teambonding Activities

These reviews we get from our customers

Lea Boneh
Lea Boneh
Had a great day hosted by puk, going full survival mode with rob, and it felt like the hunger games when shooting each other with bow and arrow. Super fun team event! Thanks a lot!
Lars de Jager
Lars de Jager
Puk – host – awesome!Rob – Robinson games – amazing!Milan – archery tag – blown away!Thank you for the day!!
Robert Sędzik
Robert Sędzik
Puk, Rob and Milan were excellent!
Paulina Lipska
Paulina Lipska
Thijs Engberink
Thijs Engberink
Bram Gerrits
Bram Gerrits
We played Laser Tag and it was so much fun! Highly recommend. Staff is super friendly and accomodating
Sol Caetano
Sol Caetano
Had a blast at UP Events today! I enjoyed 30 minutes of laser tag with my colleagues, I loved the arena and we had fun the whole time. Big thanks to Stijn for helping us organise our amazing activity. Would recommend UP Events to anyone!!!
Muy divertido y agradable para grupos de amigos o trabajo, sobre todo cuando el buen tiempo acompaña y permite disfrutar 100% de todo el recinto y actividades. El catálogo de opciones es muy amplio y bien organizado, lugar espacioso para no entorpecerse entre distintos grupos; lo peor, quizá, la dependencia del coche para llegar y, sobre todo, la comida, para mi gusto excesivamente simple y no especialmente sabrosa.
David Marsán
David Marsán

Team building in Amsterdam

At UP you will find the best team building in Amsterdam for your company outing in Amsterdam. UP Events is an event location and full service event agency in one. We offer a varied number of team building activities and team building workshops. All our group activities can be organized both at our location in Amsterdam and at another location. Almost all our activities can be used as teambonding activity. The best teambuilding activities are hackathon and escape challenge: morte frio.

What is team building? Team building is a collective term for various types of activities used to enhance social relations and define roles within teams, often involving collaborative tasks. It is distinct from team training, which is designed by a combine of business managers, learning and development/OD (Internal or external) and an HR Business Partner (if the role exists) to improve the efficiency, rather than interpersonal relations.

Games where the groups:

  • aligning around goals
  • building effective working relationships
  • reducing team members’ role ambiguity
  • finding solutions to team problems

More meetings

Our location has 7 different meetingspaces. You will feel right at home. All meetingrooms have there own fridge and toilet(s). There also are coffee and tea facilities. Our customers use the meetingrooms for example for meetings, away days and training sessions. We offer breakfast, lunch and diner options. Our staff will make sure nothing that you are not short of anything. Tired of sitting down? Relax wioth one of our activities or take a walk through the “Gardens of West”. This nature area is just a minute away.

The best activities

Go to "Escape Challenge: Morte Frio"

Escape Challenge: Morte Frio

You have made a big mistake and get 4 missions from Pablo to correct this mistake. Can you handle this challenge?

  • 1,25 hour
  • from 10

from 29,95 p.p. Vanafprijs, per person.

Escape Challenge: Morte Frio
Go to "Survivor"


Play the coolest Survivor outing around and compete against each other!

  • 1,25/2,5 hour
  • from 10

from 22,95 p.p. Vanafprijs, per person.

survivor outing amsterdam
Go to "Lasergame"


Real life gaming, go to battle but especially: have fun!

  • 0,5/1 hour
  • from 4

from 16,95 p.p. Vanafprijs, per person.

Lasergame Amsterdam
Go to "Pub Quiz Amsterdam"

Pub Quiz Amsterdam

Struggle and fun go hand in hand in our super fun pub quiz!

  • 1,25 hour
  • from 10

from 25,64 p.p. Vanafprijs, per person.

Pub quiz Amsterdam

Online company outing

Online company outings have grown enormously in the last six months. The reason is obvious. We started right away. And have made some great online company outings. Our online company outings can be played in Zoom. Zoom has our preference. There are a number of companies that are not allowed to use Zoom. So we also provide our online company outings in Teams. Fortunately, Teams is getting a nice update this month. This makes it possible to create sub-rooms in Teams. This makes working in Teams, for online company outings, a lot easier. Our best online company outings are Project arrow and online escape game Project pegasus. We have also developed a fun online company outings for the holidays. This is the online winter game Scrooge.

Corona proof company outing

We have made practically all our activities a corona-proof company outing. All activities are adapted to the currently applicable RIVM guidelines. We adjust our Corona proof company outings every time there is an update from the government or RIVM. This way you can book a company outing with us with confidence. Whether it is an online company outing or a physical company outing. Our location is spacious. This means we never have to mix different groups. Food and drinks are prepared in our own kitchen, Corona proof. All activities are constantly monitored. They are adjusted where necessary. The best Corona proof company outings at our location are Robinson Crusoe and laser gaming.

The best online company outings

Go to "Online Vitality Game"

Online Vitality Game

Don't watch your screen for a moment, but go outside. It seems to be something very simple and it is with our Online Vitality Game.

  • 1,75 hour
  • from 10

from 19,95 p.p. Vanafprijs, per person.

Online Vitality Game
Go to "Online Escape Game: The Pegasus Project"

Online Escape Game: The Pegasus Project

A crazy online escape game. Explore the building, find out what happened to the scientists and reveal the plans of The Pegasus Project in this super cool online escape room.

  • 1,75 hour
  • from 10

from 19,95 p.p. Vanafprijs, per person.

Online escape game The Pegasus Project
Go to "Online Team Building Hackathon"

Online Team Building Hackathon

Now also available as online team building game! Hack the source codes and beat your colleagues.

  • 1,75 hour
  • from 10

from 19,95 p.p. Vanafprijs, per person.

Online team building game Hackathon
Go to "Online Team Building Game: Project Arrow"

Online Team Building Game: Project Arrow

Hilarious online team building game "project arrow" that you can play remotely and where collaboration is key.

  • 1,75 hour
  • from 10

from 19,95 p.p. Vanafprijs, per person.

Project Arrow online team building game challenge

Online Christmas company outing

The Christmas period is a pleasant period. Usually then, but how are we going to shape this this year? We have developed an online company outing for Christmas. A fun Christmas game that you can combine with one of our online snack boxes. All employees receive the online snack box at home. Log in online. Download our online Christmas game app. And the Christmas game can begin. What a year it has been. No one has ever seen such a year. That means that we all have a great common denominator.

These are the last weeks of the year. The holidays are just around the corner for many people. Doing something fun together again is a must. And we promise you that this will certainly work. Questions, assignments and funny pranks. Of course the game ends with a winner. But that’s not the most important thing. Fun, lots of fun. Another good laugh with each other.

Corona proof multiple spaces

A Corona proof company outing can be done online. As already mentioned. Especially towards the winter. When most company outings take place indoors. Less people are allowed in 1 room. With us you can easily split your group. We have 7 different rooms. It is possible to stream a live event between the rooms. For example, everyone is physically present, but not all in the same room. For example, if you have a group of 50 employees. Group 1 has enough space in beach club 1. Group 2 has enough space in beach club 2. Both groups have their own toilet and bar. In this way you have the best Corona proof events.

Other than company outing Amsterdam

At UP we not only organize company outings in Amsterdam. We also organize team outings, staff outing, bachelor parties, family outings, group outings and department outings. We can help you with everything. From activity to diner and from hotel to transport. Also we organize the best company parties and company festivals.

For the kids we have the coolest childrens parties in Amsterdam. In may and summer we have a summercamp in Amsterdam. It’s a day camp where children can play all our activities all day long.

Just fill in the contactform or call us +31(0)204635850.

Special activities in Amsterdam

We offer the best activities that make every company outing in Amsterdam a succes. Choose from one of our special activities. These activities are all at our event location in Amsterdam.

The best outings in Amsterdam

Department Outing Amsterdam Chainreaction

Department outing Amsterdam

The best department outings in Amsterdam with your colleagues.

Family day out Amsterdam The Bigger Picture

Family outings Amsterdam

Have a nice break with a family outing in Amsterdam.

Group Activities Amsterdam The Monk

Group activities Amsterdam

Group activities. A super fun group activity for every outing.