Bachelor party Amsterdam

Organise your bachelor party in Amsterdam with UP Events. The perfect opportunity to go all out with your friends and celebrate in style! Up Events offers the most hilarious group activities that will guarantee a great coronproof bachelor party. We will ensure this day is unforgettable. Enjoy our location with a single activity, an all-in-one package deal or even a fully catered day. If you want to end the day in Amsterdam center, we can arrange transport for you as well as the most amazing activities.

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Bachelor party activities

The best corona proof bachelor party activities can be enjoyed at our location in Amsterdam West. You can park for free, usually not necessary at a bachelor party, but still. With a taxi you are within 15 minutes of the center of Amsterdam. Amsterdam Sloterdijk station is 10 minutes by bus and about 10 minutes walk. UP Events offers more than 100 different activities. If you want more information about the following activities, click on the link. bubble football, archery tag, laser tag, escape room, city games and highland games. All activities are held on our event location.

Bachelor party Corona proof

A bachelor party Corona proof, we all want that of course. There is more and more space to organize corona proof bachelor parties. The eases will now be implemented every few weeks. We have more than enough space to organize your bachelor party at 1.5 meters. All our outdoor activities are designed in such a way that they are corona proof. Materials are constantly cleaned and instructors will be extra vigilant about adhering to the corona measures. Each bachelor party will have its own space so that you do not mix with other groups. View all our corona proof outings and activities.

Corona proof bachelor party men and women

Our corona proof bachelor party is for both men and women. Whatever activities you choose, all activities can be booked as a 1.5 meter bachelor party. Combine your activity with a delicious lunch or BBQ. And of course a drink arrangement so that you will never be faced with surprises afterwards. Check out all of our corona proof bachelor party packages below. We have a bachelor party package for women and men for every budget.

Bachelor party Amsterdam tips

Are you organising a bachelor party for the bride or groom? We know there are quite a few things to think about so we have put together some tips to help you. Say the do’s and don’ts. We know it’s often the small things that make the big difference so we will do all we can to give you an ever lasting memory of the best bachelor party.

Who will organise it?

Organising a bachelor party can take a lot of time, especially if you choose to organise everything yourself. By this we mean transport, activities, food and beverages etc. Why not let us help? UP Events offers a package that includes everything you may need for a fixed price. We believe by collaborating with the organisation, not only will it save you time it also allows us to share the tasks to put on the best possible bachelor party for you and your friends!

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In the Netherlands, an average of 10 people are invited to a bachelor party. This means that you have to take into account 10 different agendas. It is therefore wise to set the date as soon as possible. The main thing is, of course, that the bachelor is able to make it!! A good tip is to use a date picker. Do not give too many options because then you will be busy for a long time.

Who are you going to invite?

The most obvious answer is of course to ask the bachelor who he or she would like to join. If you do not want him or her to know your plans, you can always contact the future wife / husband of the bachelor(ette). The biggest question is, of course, who does the bachelor want to invite? Do not make the mistake of inviting only friends / girlfriends that you like. After all, it is not your stag party in Amsterdam.

Bachelor party Amsterdam budget

The budget is of course very subjective. This will be different for everyone. It is important that you can determine the budget in advance. When choosing a suitable date for the bachelor party you can immediately request the amount that everyone wants or can spend. In the Netherlands an average of € 125, – per person is spent on a bachelor party. You may not want the bachelor to pay anything, so make sure you take this into account. Also make sure everyone that has confirmed pays you in advance. Nothing is more annoying than having to chase it. Make sure you have mapped all costs properly. It can be annoying for some people if they have to pay extra afterwards.

Where are you going?

This actually starts with the question, what does the bachelor enjoy? We are convinced that it is very important that the bachelor has a nice day or weekend. Of course, he or she may be a bit displeased with some things but in the end it is his / her bachelor party. This must be a day never to be forgotten. There are so many different interpretations to come up with. Do you want to organize an active bachelor party, a gameshow or would you rather go into the city and drink a lot of beer during a very long pubcrawl? You can also opt for a mix of the two. Start with fun outdoor activities and then head into the city for a nice pub crawl.

Communication for the bachelor party

As mentioned before, as you are organising a bachelor party in Amsterdam, there are quite a lot of things to think about. It is important to keep communicating well. You may want the bachelor party be a surprise for the bachelor but not so much the friends or girlfriends. A group chat can help with this however try not to make the mistake of asking input from everyone involved. Unfortunately you cannot please everyone. If necessary, ask  people directly who you would like to help. Dare to make decisions and mistakes. Communicate clearly what the program looks like, what the costs are and what you expect from people.

Finalise planning

If you know what the program for the bachelor party is going to look like, don’t wait too long to book. It would be a shame if all the energy was for nothing and your program is no longer available. It is often the case that when you finalise a booking you also have to pay directly. Sometimes everything, sometimes a part of it. Let the others know that everything is final and they can no longer cancel. At many event agencies, hotels and restaurants you can cancel up to a week in advance but after that this is no longer possible.
Have a lot of fun with the organisation of the bachelor party and if we can help with anything, please feel free to contact us. +31(0)20-4635850 Or via the contactform.

Bachelor party Amsterdam, other outings

At UP events it doesn’t matter what kind of outing you are looking for. Whether you want to come with your family, friends or department, it is all possible. We organize the following outings: Group outings, staff outings, company outings, staff outings, bachelor parties, team outings, family outings and department outings are booked with us. Sometimes activities are combined with a meeting package or maybe you prefer a company party, this is often chosen especially for large groups. 

Event agency Amsterdam

UP Events is one of the biggest event agencies in Amsterdam. We have our own unique event location in Amsterdam West which we are very proud of and would love to share with you. Check out the best team building activities in Amsterdam, also large events for companies including company festivals and winter company parties! Last but not least we offer several meeting rooms for groups of 10 to 500 people. To get an good impression of what we do, check out these client cases.

Bubble soccer in Amsterdam

One of the best activities in Amsterdam is bubble soccer. Bubble soccer is offered in both the Netherlands and other European countries. Sometimes a different name is used. Think of bubble ball, zorb football, zorbball and bubble football outing. Bubbel voetbal, bubbelbal, bumperbal, bumperz and bubble voetbal are often used on Dutch websites.

You can book bubble soccer here directly:

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