6 - 2000 People


All packages and activities can be combined with our meals and drinks.

All dining packages are available for groups of 10 or more people or if stated otherwise.

All prices exclude VAT


Platter 5 Tapas per person € 4,50 p.p.
Tapas bites: (minimum 6 persons)
Manchego cheese, Pepper with creamcheese, Spianata Romana salami, Tortilla wrap with smoked salmon, Tortilla wrap with grilled chicken


Drinks package

Unlimited drinks for 3 hours consisting of the standard range € 17,50 p.p.
Beer (bottles), wine, soda cans (excluding energy drink), coffee and tea.

Extra hours € 5,00 p.p. p.h.


Lunch € 13,50 p.p.
Coffee, tea, milk and freshly squeezed orange juice
Several fancy sandwiches with, among others, cheese, smoked chicken with sundried tomatoes, and rustic sandwiches with eggsalade, chives and mesclun.
Also comes with a fruit skewer with varied fruits


Kids Lunch

Kids Lunch € 11,50 p.p.
An assortment of sandwiches, sweet and savoury. Also comes with a fresh fruitsalad and a sweet biscuit to top it all off.


BBQ Classic € 21,95 p.p.
Chicken satay, beefburger, spicy merguez and chicken thigh

Barbecue “Classic GO Large” € 24,95  p.p.
Chicken satay, beefburger, 2 x spicy merguez and 2 x chicken leg

BBQ De Luxe € 25,00 p.p.
Chicken satay, beefburger, spicy merguez, beef steak en prawn skewer

BBQ Halal € 23.00 p.p.
Chicken thigh, beefburger, Lamb cutlet en prawn skewer

BBQ Fish € 23,00 p.p.
Prawn skewer, salmon filet, tilapia filet and pangasius filet

BBQ Vegetarian € 23,00 p.p.
Vegetarian satay, veggie burger, portobello mushroom and corn

BBQ DIY € 18,40 p.p.
(Grill the meat and produce yourself with friends or colleagues, minimum 6 persons)
Chicken satay, beefburger, spicy merguez and chicken leg

Barbecue Kids” from € 14,62 p.p.
Chicken satay, beefburger, skewer with Dutch ‘frikandel’ and meatballs
Salads, sauces and bread (Kids portions)

Including Chef € 16,51, Minimum of 10 kids
BBQ Kids DIY € 14,62, Minimum of 6 kids


BBQ Smoker

BBQ Smoker €29,50 p.p.
(from 50 persons)
Wood fired!

Meet bar
Beefburger with Smokey BBQ sauce, tomato and cucumber
Slow roasted pulled pork with Smokey BBQ sauce and cole slaw
Slow roasted pulled chicken with Indonesian ketjap manis marinade
Smokey spare ribs

Salad bar
Tropical Salad Apple, celery, carrot, bell pepper and raisins with mango dressing
Greek Salad Tomato, cucumber, olives and feta cheese
Potato Salad Potato and chives with creamy sauce

Fish bar
Hot smoked salmon fillet
Hot smoked cod fillet
Grilled prawns in garlic oil

Veggie bar
Grilled and smoked vegetables:
Sweet bell pepper
Cob of cor

All barbecue’s will be served including:
Salads: Potato salad, tomato, cucumber salad and American coleslaw.
Sauces: Garlic sauce, Cocktail sauce, Smokey BBQ-sauce and Satay sauce.
Bread: Baguette with homemade garlic butter.


Tapas € 21,95 p.p.
20 Tapas per person

Cold Tapas
Manchego cheese
Pepper with creamcheese
Spianata Romana salami
Tortilla wrap with smoked salmon
Tortilla wrap with grilled chicken

Warm Tapas
Albondiga meatballs
Prawns in garlic oil
Dades with bacon
Chicken wings
Yakitori chicken skewer

The tapas will be served with olives with feta cheese, baguette and pickled bread, herb butter, aïoli and tapenade of sun-dried tomatoes



Stamppot Buffet

Stamppot Buffet Classic €19,95 p.p.
Min. 10 persons
Stamppots (potato stews):
Spinach stamppot(potato stew with spinach), Hotchpotch stamppot(potato stew with hotchpotch), Kale stamppot(potato stew with kale)
Meat dishes:
Butchers smoked sausage, Meatball with beef, Fried Bacon

Stamppot Buffet Populair €26,- p.p.
Min. 10 persons
Typical Dutch Pea soup with rye bread and bacon
Spinach stamppot, Stew stamppot, Kale stamppot
Meat Dishes
Butchers smoked sausage, Meatball with beef, Fried Bacon
Cheesecake with speculoos

Stamppot Buffet Luxe €26,- p.p.
Min. 10 persons
Pea soup with rye bread and bacon
Spinach stamppot, Stew stamppot, Kale stamppot
Meat/fish dishes
Butchers smoked sausage, Salmon Fillet, Fried bacon
Cheesecake with “speculoos”

If desired:
Vegetarian variant: Vegetarian meatball, Vegetarian smoked sausage, Vegetarian bacon