Escape Challenge: The Monk

The Monk Escape Challenge
  • Inside
  • Collaborate
  • Escape game
  • From 10

Escape Challenge The Monk

Escape Challenge The Monk is an exciting and cool escape game. In this game, you are invited to the Angkor to view a series of new discoveries. Suddenly, you are trapped in a devious manner by one of the monks. He detains you, accuses you of theft! The Cambodian security service arrives within an hour. And this turns out to be a story of life and death. You and your team will have to be the first to escape, get your ID’s back and escape the country.

Escape Challenge The Monk is played in teams of 5-8 people per team. Each team gets its own set-up in a part of the room. The race against the clock is on! Teams can see each other, and tension and competition increase! Teams can give each other hints but certainly also false hints! Which team, under high pressure, will manage to retrieve its passports and escape first.

Besides Escape Challenge The Monk, we have another escape challenge called Morte frio.

This Escape Game Includes

  • Professional host
  • Cozy indoor location
  • 1.25 hour program
  • Awesome game materials
  • A prize for the winning team
  • A professional event location with free parking
  • Guidance in Dutch/English

Example Program Escape Challenge The Monk with ADD UP 2

  • arrival
  • drinking package
  • escape challenge the monk
  • snackplatter
  • delicious BBQ

What is an Escape Challenge?

An escape challenge is for large groups. You play in teams against each other in a race against time. The group is divided into teams of 5-8 persons per team.

Each team receives a mysterious box and various props. Which team manages to complete all of the (hidden) assignments, discovers the correct solutions in the game, and is the first team to open the ‘’final box’’?

The great thing about an escape challenge is that the teams see each other. This brings extra tension, because how annoying is it when you see that the team next to you is already way ahead? Good cooperation (team building) is essential to finish this game.

Where to Play The Monk

Escape Challenge The Monk can be played from 10 people on our own location in Amsterdam. As from 15 people, it can also be played at a location of your choice. This can be in your own company building or even outside in nice weather.

Escape Challenge Combinations

Do you want to UPgrade your The Monk experience with an extra activity such as Lasergame, Archery Tag or Arcade Games? Do you also want to have a nice drink and enjoy a delicious BBQ? Please fill in the contact form for a tailor made offer or call us at +31(0)204635850.

Price Escape Challenge The Monk

Are you with less than 10 people, book for 10 people.

Escape Challenge The Monk

An awesome team building escape game.

  • 1,25 hour
  • from 10

29,95 p.p. Excl. VAT (32,65 incl. VAT)

ADD UP 2 with Escape Challenge The Monk

Escape Challenge The Monk, snack platter, 3-hour drinking package and delicious BBQ.

  • 4,25 hour
  • from 10

96,35 p.p. Excl. VAT (104,76 incl. VAT)

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