Custom made business game

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Custom made business game

Article – September 2019

What exactly is a custom made business game? 

This is a game that can be fully personalised in terms of content and how interactive the custom made game can be. From meetings in a unique place to special team building activities and BBQs; any company outing can be made at UP Events.

How to use a custom made game for business?

Using your own questions, statements and assignments you can create a fun and interactive game unique to your company or organisation. For example, the company knowledge can be tested, the company culture can be strengthened and team building can be done in a playful way. A custom made game can be enjoyed with or without GPS, your questions or tasks can be done in a humorous or more serious way, what ever you wish! It’s custom made after all!

UP Events has years of experience in making City Games  and Escape Games. Our new custom made game is offering an experience which can be fun, serious and/or educational. In addition to using GPS, this game can also be played with QR codes making it easy to play the custom made game indoors at your business location or office.

How does a custom made game work?

In teams of 4-7 people, the participants move through an area armed with a tablet. This playing field can be a city, but also a park or your business premises. Along the way, assignments are completed, questions are answered, riddles are solved and clues are found. By moving over certain GPS points on the playing field, new questions are activated allowing more points to be scored. The team with the most points wins the game!

Serious gaming with a great fun factor

The Custom Made Game from UP Events is versatile, is completely customised and can take place anywhere. The game can even be played simultaneously in several countries. Handy when your company has several branches or is active internationally. You determine the language of instruction and we will set up the custom made game for you and your team to enjoy.

The content of the game is based on the information and input we receive from a company. Vision, core values and corporate culture are integrated into the game.

Based on the company information, we can put together a game. With the varied assignments and questions, participants and the company as a whole can learn a lot from this fun gaming experience.

These companies can vouch for you

For Heineken we organised a meeting with a business touch. The day started with a meeting involving several speakers in the morning. The theme was: Exploring Future of Work. This was then followed by a ‘Digital Game’ which ensured that the employees gained a clear picture of the future of the company.

Petrobas Oil & Gas
The company Petrobas Oil & Gas has an office in two countries; Nigeria and the Netherlands. The Custom Made Game we created for Petrobas Oil & Gas was played in two countries simultaneously. In this way, a team in Nigeria and a team in the Netherlands were able to work together in a playful way.

Our company has offices in Rotterdam and Lagos. UP Events organised a personalised GPS game that we played at both locations simultaneously. We had a lot of fun and learned a lot. UP Events really did everything – from preparation to the organisation on the day itself – to make our company outing a great success! ”

UP Events organised a Congrestival for Medivents. This was a festival setting for a medical conference. The day was diverse, starting with a plenary meeting with various speakers and various breakout sessions. Finally, the team did a Medical Game that focused on the core values of the company and new developments in the industry.

Play, watch & learn

The Custom Made Game is not only fun and great for team building, above all it is very educational for the participants and the company as a whole. There is so much that can be learned from the tasks and results that emerge. Where is the knowledge lacking? How is the division of the questions? Which topic is answered incorrectly? Afterwards you can use the photos and videos that are made available to give a final presentation to discuss substantive matters with the team. Request a free quote from us or call us on +31 (0) 20-4635850 for more information.