Energizer Into fresh air

Get away from the daily grind with “Into fresh air”! Into fresh air is an out of the box and multi-purpose energizer. Participants can enjoy the game from anywhere in the world, at the same time. It is a game where they can go outside. Away from their laptop screen and stretching their legs in the fresh air. This game can be played online as well as at a live event.

The game is played via our game app, which is easy and free to download on any smartphone device. After a brief explanation of the game by an instructor, the participants are sent outside. Every 100 meters / 328 feet, the app opens a fun question, photo or video assignment. The more meters you walk, the more questions and points you can score. Which of the participants scores the most points? Walking around has never been so much fun! Tie your shoelaces and don’t forget your house keys!

Widely applicable and perfectly customizable

Into fresh air is a flexible game and widely applicable. Think of:

  • An energetic break during an event or meeting.
  • An activation prior to an event. For example, between the “save the date” and the planned event, you can stimulate the target group with an active personalized game.
  • Possibility to have employees play weekly for example, in order to achieve a common goal within an x ​​number of weeks.

The content of the game can also be personalized if desired.This makes it possible to perfectly match the game with any event objective. With Into Fresh Air you can easily add a game element to familiarize your target group with an important theme within your company in a playful way. Want to integrate fun facts, company information or your strategy with a wink? Make it a game!

Price energizer Into Fresh Air

Standard the game is hosted by one of our staff members. You can also choose to host the game yourself.

Duration: 15-30 minutes
10 – 10,000 people € 9.95 pp excl. 21% VAT.

Example program

Check out this example program of this online energizer Into Fresh Air. You can choose your own date and starting time.

17:00 – 17:05 Explanation game (or Do It Yourself)
17:05 – 17:20 Into Fresh Air
17:20 – 17:30 View photos and videos + announcement of winner

Choose 1 of 8 different themes

Many companies want to play several energizers every week or month. That is why we have 8 different themes for our online energizer Into Fresh Air.

Online Energizer Nutricion
Online Energizer Movement
Online Energizer Luck
Online Energizer Brain
Online Energizer Personal Development
Personal development
Online Energizer Surroundings
Online Energizer Plastic
Online Energizer Inspiration

Results: individual vs. teams

Of course, the scores and results of the game are visible online and live. That way, after a game or playing period, you can see exactly how well the participants did. You can choose to let participants play individually or in teams. That way you integrate a competitive element within an organization and also create involvement for a longer period of time.

Vitality program

Into Fresh Air is also ideal for use in a vitality program. We can set up the game in such a way that, for example, employees receive new questions and assignments every day or week. Contact us for the possibilities.

Keywords: Movement, fun, outdoor, creative thinking, personalization, digital and live

Vitality in a new way

Vitality program company

Online vitality program

Book a vitality program now in which all employees get to work together. In teams (or individually) you will make progress and as you are used to. We make it a game!

Into Fresh Air Online Energizer
Into Fresh Air Online Energizer

Online energizer into fresh air

The fantastic online energizer Into Fresh Air provides a short break during your online event, online meeting or online company outing.

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Activity calendar

Book a varied activity calendar quick and easy. Carefully composed with qualitative online fun- and teambuilding games, innovative energizers and social walks and lunches, where the mutual contact with colleagues is central.