Online Energizer

During an online event, online meeting, or online company outing, a short break by means of an online energizer is a simple way to get all participants focused again. Many meetings cannot continue in their usual form and are forced to take place online. Online meetings of 4 hours are no longer an exception, but how do you keep up the energy and focus?

Use one of our online energizers! Short activities that provide variety for the participants, release energy, and focus their attention. The purpose of our online energizers is above all that it is fun. That there is a moment of having fun together.

Before booking an energizer, take a good look at what your target group is. If in doubt, we are, of course, happy to help you choose the energizer that best fits your target group.

Various Online Energizers

Would you like to fit an online energizer into your online event? We offer several solutions. Depending on the time available, we can recommend a number of energizers. We recommend our online energizer Into Fresh Air or the always fun Physiofun. Please keep in mind that an online energizer takes at least 15 minutes. You always spend more time than you think beforehand. The explanations alone are slightly different online than in real life.

What you need to consider well in advance is how you want to offer it. Do you want to organise the online energizer yourself, or would you rather outsource it?

The best online events

Into Fresh Air Online Energizer
Into Fresh Air Online Energizer

Into Fresh air

The fantastic online energizer Into Fresh Air provides a short break during your online event, online meeting or online company outing.

Fysio fun online energizer


A fun way to discuss a serious problem with our crazy online energizer Fysiofun. Our cheerful physiotherapist comes to inspire you online and challenges you to move in new ways.

Online team building challenge UP Events

Online Team Building

The best online team building games for your online event or online company outing. For groups of 10 to 5000 people.

Online Energizer Tips

There are many different online energizers available online. We really enjoy doing the following.

Hats On Hats Off

A short online quiz in which statements are presented to the group. If, as a participant, you agree with the statement, you put your cap on. If you disagree with the statement, take off your cap. It is easy to estimate the time beforehand. It might be fun to attach a nice prize to it. Make sure that everyone has a cap (or another headgear) ready.

A nice alternative is to use a mouth mask instead of a cap. Think about whether this might be too sensitive for the participants. You, of course, know best how it will be received by your own group.

Online Bingo

Another fun online energizer is online Bingo. Bingo is a game that everyone knows, so you don’t need much explanation. Make a bingo card beforehand with for example 9 or 16 boxes. On each square, you put a picture of an object that everyone has at home. Make sure all participants receive this bingo card. You can send it by post or do it digitally. The aim of the game is of course to be the first to get Bingo. Participants do this by collecting the items. A complete straight line, horizontally, vertically, or diagonally gives Bingo. As soon as we can get together again, we recommend the music bingo at our location.

You can still choose to link a virtual prize-giving to it.

Online Dance Energizer

If you really want to boost your energy, the online dance energizer is a great idea. The dance instructor puts on a nice piece of music and provides fun, accessible dance exercises. When choosing the music, always look carefully at your target group. This energizer works both short, for example, 10 minutes, and longer.

Make sure the participants have enough space to move. In addition, comfortable clothing is no luxury.

Online Sports Energizer

Together with your colleagues, sport online during the online sport energizer. A short workout to loosen up all the muscles. After a few hours of sitting and listening during an online event or online meeting, everyone can use this. There are many forms of sports that are suitable for this. Think of Yoga, Boxing, Fitness, or Aerobics.

This energizer is also suitable for short and longer breaks.