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Looking for a fun departmental outing in Weesp? Whether you are looking for a single activity or a package, it is all possible at UP Events. Our packages consist of at least one activity, possibly a snack, drinks and a delicious BBQ. Besides single activities you can also contact us for large events such as a company party or even a company festival.

Departmental outing with a loose activity

All our activities can also be booked with us as single activities. Look for more information on our activities page for the activity(s) of your choice. All our activities can also be booked for a fun outing in Weesp such as staff outing, company outing, bachelor party, team outing, group outing or family outing.

Would you prefer to spar? Then send us an email or call us at +31(0)204635850.

Choose one of our packages

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A completely arranged package. Including 1 activity, 3 drinks per person, and a delicious BBQ. Perfect for a company outing, team outing, or stay party.

  • 4,25 hour
  • from 10

69,78 p.p. Per person.

ADD UP 1 Bubble Football Team Building Amsterdam
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A day full of fun with an activity of your choice, a snack platter, 3 hours of unlimited drinks, and a delicious BBQ. Get surprised with ADD UP 2!

  • 4,25 hour
  • from 10

95,63 p.p. Per person.

ADD UP 2 Team Outing Amsterdam Team Building
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A fully catered event with 2 activities, snack platter, 3 hour unlimited drinks and a great BBQ.

  • 5,6 hour
  • from 10

123,11 p.p. Per person.

ADD UP 3 Company Outing Amsterdam Team Building


ADD UP PARTY: choose 2 activities, 6 drinks per person, indulge in delicious snacks, and conclude with a fantastic BBQ and, for example, a Silent Disco.

  • 5 hours
  • v.a. 50

105,29 p.p. Per person.

ADD UP Party package in Amsterdam at UP Events

Why have a departmental outing at UP Events in Weesp?

  • You leave happier than you arrived: We provide an unforgettable experience that leaves you with a smile.
  • Every day enthusiastic staff to make your event a success: Our team is always ready to help you.
  • We meet expectations, preferably exceed them: We strive to exceed every expectation.
  • Value for money / you get value for money: With us you get great value for money.
  • Still not completely happy, come back! We guarantee satisfaction and are open to feedback.

Facts about UP Events

  • More than 80,000 satisfied customers per year: Our customers are very satisfied with our services.
  • 4.8 stars on Google Reviews: We have excellent reviews on Google.
  • More than 15 years of experience in memorable events: We have years of experience in organizing events.
  • Member of VeBon (safe outdoor sports), Recron and TUV certified: We are committed to safety and quality.
  • Free parking in front of the door, in Weesp, really! Enjoy the convenience of free parking at our location.

Active departmental outings in Weesp

Our active departmental outings are the most booked outings on our property. We have a wide range of group activities at a fixed location. Consider our acclaimed Robinson Crusoe outing, bubble soccer, laser game, archery game and archery. Make sure you are in good health, especially for the Highland Games and bumper soccer, good fitness is recommended.

What others think about our departmental outings

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Outdoor lasergame was amazing! Great place for corporate events.
Grazyna amazing !
Grazyna was an awesome event leader! The activities were super cool and in the end Bananas 🍌 won! GGs
Was a cute evening! 💗 Thank you Grazyna ☺️
A nice time out in a great weather. Happy to have Grazyna with us

You can also book the most fun departmental outings on the beach or in town with us. We work together with various partners on the beach of Zandvoort. We also have regular partners in the center of Amsterdam and Haarlem. Moreover, it is possible to book our activities at your own location, such as at the office or an already booked location.

City game as a departmental outing

For the most diverse departmental outings you can go to our own location in Weesp. We also organize departmental outings at other locations in the Netherlands. One of our best selling events is the city hunt. The city hunt is one of our city games. In a city game you walk through the city with a tablet and carry out various assignments. You answer questions and search for clues.

We have a suitable city game for every departmental outing, each with its own theme. The city games can be played in Weesp as well as in the rest of the Netherlands. The questions, clues and assignments are displayed at certain GPS points, such as on Google Maps. When you arrive at a certain point, you will get a pop-up screen. With a correctly answered question, you collect points or get a hint. Then you move to the next point in your game.

Plan your departmental outing

Are you ready for an unforgettable departmental outing in Weesp? Contact UP Events and discover the possibilities. Call us at +31(0)204635850 or send a message through our contact form. Our location in Weesp offers the perfect setting for a successful outing, whether it is a company outing, team building activity, family outing or friends outing. We are ready to help you plan a great day!

Choose from the most fun activities

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Prepare yourself for a series of challenging trials, where your skills such as fire making, balance keeping, and teamwork will be put to the test. Who will become the ultimate Robinson?

  • 1,25/2,5 hour
  • from 15

from 32,95 p.p. Starting price, per person.

Survivor outing Amsterdam and Weesp
Go to "Lasergame"


Discover the exhilarating sensation of lasertag and feel the adrenaline pumping. Work as a team, eliminate your opponents, and dominate the playing field in an unforgettable battle.

  • 0,5/1 hour
  • from 4

from 17,95 p.p. Starting price, per person.

Lasergame Amsterdam
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Beachvolleyball in Amsterdam outdoor on real sand.

  • 0,5/1 hour
  • from 6

from 17,95 p.p. Starting price, per person.

Beachvolleyball amsterdam
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Bubble Football

Wrapped in a huge plastic ball you are battling each other.

  • 0,5/1 hour
  • from 4

from 17,95 p.p. Starting price, per person.

bubble football zorb amsterdam