Team building Amsterdam

UP Events is an event location and full service event agency. We specialize in Team Building Activities in Amsterdam. We are open, pragmatic, approachable and the right amount of stubborn. We always strive for the perfect event for you. At UP Events we take care of each other and our customers, we enjoy life, are a bit different and always do what is best. We work hard to always be better every day. We are driven by our passion to make your event a success.

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Team building for everybody

UP Events is the event agency par excellence that can create a team building event in Amsterdam for every target group and every budget. For us, the most important thing is that our activities seamlessly match your wishes. We love openness and will always include a fair price in the quotation. We want to enter into a relationship with you for the long term, we will therefore do all we can to make sure you happy and enjoy your experience. We love welcoming back familiar faces so it would be great if you wanted to come back for your next team building event, team outing or big party in Amsterdam.

Our location outside

At UP Events we have our own outdoor location in Amsterdam, where there is free parking. You can come here with groups of between 10 and 5000 people! As an event agency we can therefore easily offer various outdoor activities at a price that you will not find anywhere else. We offer more than 100 different team building activities i Amsterdam such as Escape Room, Laser Gaming, Bubble Football, Archery, City Escape Games and Archery Tag.

Our location is attractively decorated, not too chic and fits in the area. We use many natural materials and retain as much green as possible. We want to maintain the same appearance of sportsmanship, peace and fun throughout the entire site. That is very important for us, so that everyone from all backgrounds, feels welcome here.

Breakfast, lunch or dinner

All our activities and team building in Amsterdam can be combined with breakfast, lunch or a delicious BBQ . At our location we offer various options for food and beverages. And even if you have your own idea of ​​the dinner, it is possible. There is no wish to big for us.

In the summer months you could visit the over crowded beach, however why not come and enjoy our own private beach experience, sit back, relax and put your feet in the sand. The ice cold beer is ready and the BBQ is smoking up some delicious dishes for you. In the winter months, the campfire is lit, seating arranged for you to sit close, stay warm to and relax. The Gluhwein is mulling and the “stamppot” buffet is ready for you. Perfect for a cozy evening at UP Events. 

Inside our locations

UP Events is an event agency with a unique location in Amsterdam-West. We offer 7 cabins we call “hangars” in Dutch available for  meetings, workshops, activities, dinners and of course company parties. We have two cabins suitable for groups of up to 70 people and another suitable for groups of up to 250 people. We are proud to also offer two beach clubs each with a maximum capacity of 750 people! Our Beach ‘clUPs’ are located next to our exclusive beach, perfect for you to relax, enjoy the tastiest BBQ’s or play a game of volleyball! In the Winter we transform them into cozy Winter Lodges, perfect for every occasion whatever the weather and with or without team building activities, in Amsterdam.

Hotel, transport and meetings

UP Events has 8 locations available for meetings in with or without team building in Amsterdam. We offer simple and transparent pricing too.

UP Events works together with various hotels in Amsterdam . For each budget we work together with the right partner so that yhou combine your event with a comfortable overnight stay.

Our partner Amsterdam transport offers safe transport for you and your group.